Quail eggs: everything you need to know

Quail eggs: everything you need to know

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Quail eggs: properties, nutritional values, cholesterol and price. How are they cooked? Recipes with quail eggs and valuable advice.

Although many consider them an innovationgourmet, the consumption ofquail eggsthis is nothing new at all. There are very old recipes and even testimonies that see their use as early as 2,000 years ago!

The Egyptians raised quail to savor eggs. Much later, the Japanese quail was regarded as the best 'breed' for egg production. Today, the eggs that we find on the market are obtained from a cross between the Japanese quail and the European quail.

Quail eggs: properties

The quail eggs are popular fornutritional propertiesand for the benefits brought.

The protein intake is very high, approaching that of goose egg (13.05 g of protein for every 100 grams of product).

Nutritional values

The fat content is around 11.09 g. The values ​​reported for 100 grams of product are:

  • Carbohydrates: 0.41
  • Calcium: 64 mg
  • Phosphorus 226 mg
  • Iron: 3.65 mg
  • Sodium: 141 mg
  • Vitamin B1: 0.13
  • Vitamin B2: 0.79
  • Vitamin A: 155 mg
  • Vitamin D: 1.4 μg
  • Cholesterol: 844 mg
  • Choline: 263.4 mg
  • Protein: 13.05 g
  • Fat: 11.09 g
  • Water: 74.35 g

After having seen the nutritional values ​​of quail eggs, let's focus on cholesterol. Then we will also see the recipes and how much does a quail egg cost.

Quail eggs: cholesterol

As is clear, it is not true that the quail eggs they are cholesterol-free, indeed, for the same weight, quail eggs contain more than double the cholesterol contained in classic chicken eggs.

There are several recipes with quail eggs that enhance its flavor, estimators say that the best way to enjoy quail egg is ... raw! For this we will give you recipes with raw or cooked quail eggs, so as to please everyone.

Recipes with quail eggs

Quail eggs can be used in a large number of recipes: from appetizers to first courses, from aperitifs to side dishes! In the photo above, for example, the classic beef tartare is served with croutons, spices, tufts of mayonnaise and a quail egg placed on the meat ring.

Tartare is a raw meat dish. For its preparation, it is important to use fresh meat, beef fillet is recommended. For the recipe shown in the plate above: chop the beef fillet, add salt and pepper. Place a metal ring in the center of the plate and add a sprig of delicate mustard to the center of the ring. Press the meat into the ring (with a diameter of 5 cm) placed in the center of the plate.

Garnish with chopped herbs and chopped onion. Add a few sprigs of mayonnaise mixed with delicate mustard. Croutons and ... to conclude the recipe, a quail egg right in the center of thetartare.

Betweensimple recipesmade from quail eggs, you can opt for stuffed mushrooms. You will need as many button mushrooms as there arequail eggsyou want to cook.

Clean the mushrooms by removing the stem. Wash the "hat" well. Add a drop of extra virgin olive oil to each hat, a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook the mushroom hats in a preheated oven at 180 ° C, the cooking of the single hat is approximately 12 minutes. Remove the pan. Add the quail egg, one for each hat. Add a pinch of salt again and flavor with herbs to taste. The mushrooms, thus prepared, must still be placed in the oven, but this time only for 4 minutes.

Boiled quail egg

Boiled quail egg?Yes, it can be prepared. The cooking times, as an indication, are 4 minutes. Keep an eye on the clock, if cooking times exceed 6 minutes, quail eggs become more difficult to digest and even the flavor suffers.

How much does a quail egg cost

How much does a quail egg cost?The price is more affordable than many can imagine. Quail farms are of great interest to the food industry, so it is possible to find affordable packaging on the market.

Last March, during my trip to Berlin, I saw a pack of 12 in a supermarket fresh quail eggs for sale at the price of 3.19 euros! In our supermarkets the price is not that low but it is still very accessible, it is around 5 euros even if they are not found everywhere.

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