TrenDevice Days: refurbished smartphones and tablets to protect the environment

TrenDevice Days: refurbished smartphones and tablets to protect the environment

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The production of new smartphones and tablets involves a series of operations that are extremely harmful to the environment from different points of view and in particular for the raw materials necessary to produce some electronic components and for the CO2 emissions that are produced throughout the entire production, logistic and marketing cycle.

Refurbished smartphones and tablets: what it means

Refurbished smartphones and tablets are used but fully functional products that, instead of being disposed of, are refurbished and resold by specialized companies.

The reconditioning process is not carried out with the same quality and with the same rules by all the suppliers of this service, so it is necessary to rely on serious and professional companies.

TrenDevice: leading re-commerce in Italy

In Italy the leading reality for the professional reconditioning service is certainly TrenDevice, both in terms of the number of Apple and Samsung devices withdrawn from the market that the company has given new life to and the rigorous process behind each individual refurbishment.

To date they are over 130,000 devices reconditioned by TrenDevice, an important milestone, especially if we consider the not very reassuring data of the waste of raw materials in the world and consequently the continuous increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

The pollution generated by the production and processing of raw materials

Every year the world economy consumes about 93 billion tons of raw materials, of which only 9% are reused. As well as 62% of greenhouse gas emissions occur during the extraction and processing of raw materials.

According to a 2018 study carried out by the Californian University McMaster, smartphones contribute to emissions in a decisive way, in fact, within 10 years these will go from 17 million tons of CO2 to 125 million in 2020. There is therefore talk of an increase of 730 %. However, it is worrying to know that between 85% and 95% of these emissions derive from the production of the devices themselves, and not from their use.

It is now clear that we will not be able to continue to exploit our planet in this foolish way and that the only possible alternative is to change the development model, developing virtuous mechanisms such as that ofcircular economy which, to avoid waste and save energy, put the same products back into circulation or reuse the same materials they are made of to create new ones.

In Italy, as well as in the rest of the world, something is moving, but it is not enough. TrenDevice is among the few Italian companies active in the circular economy, in fact to all devices withdrawn (even those damaged) it is given new life thanks to the reconditioning process carried out by their certified technicians.

In this way TrenDevice puts the same devices back into circulation, avoiding buying new ones, sending them in the 99% recyclable branded box, thus helping to eliminate the consumption of raw materials and safeguarding the environment.

Take an iPhone SE for example: buying it refurbished, instead of new, saves about 75 kg of CO2, the same amount as a 3-hour car trip, or with a refurbished iPad mini 4 you save 120 kg of CO2, the same amount of a 13 watt light bulb on for 385 days.

TrenDevice it also collaborates with Treedom, an all-Italian reality that since 2010 has allowed local farmers from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy to plant more than 400,000 trees, thus helping to produce environmental, social and economic benefits.

The TrenDevice refurbishment process

However, attention to the environment is not the only good quality of TrenDevice, because the same care and attention is also paid to the reconditioning process of the devices, thanks to which the perfect functioning of the devices is guaranteed, equal to the new ones. We are therefore talking about a Premium Used, or the Refurbished TrenDevice is a used device that is subjected to 37 hardware and software tests, any damaged components are replaced and, at the end of the tests, the device is thoroughly sanitized with the result that each device for sale on the TrenDevice website is a Refurbished, 100% functional and guaranteed for 12 months.

The TrenDevice Days

With TrenDevice Days, you also have the opportunity to do good for the environment: from 2 to 10 April, on the TrenDevice official website you will find many offers on Refurbished Smartphones and Tablets with discounts up to 50%.

You can therefore save on the purchase of your iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy while ensuring your concrete contribution to the environment by purchasing it refurbished rather than new.

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