Spring mushrooms

Spring mushrooms

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Edible and inedible spring mushrooms. The complete list of mushrooms that can be collected between April and May, useful advice and rules for the collection.

April and May are good months to pick mushrooms, but what are theedible spring mushrooms to add to the basket? Yes, because in this period, they are also born inedible mushroomsand poisonous mushrooms to be scrupulously avoided. Let's take a complete overview.

They are called "spring mushrooms" why theperiodharvest coincides with spring. It should be noted that theperiod of mushroomsfalls mainly in autumn: ispring mushroomsthey are not as numerous as those that can be collected in autumn, however there is no shortage of interesting specimens in the woods.

How to collect mushrooms

Forpick mushrooms in Aprilregional regulations must be respected. Each region and province has ad hoc regulations governing the period and quantity of collection. In general, any regulation governs that:

  • The mushrooms must be collected in a wicker basket and not in bags or buckets, so as to allow the spores to spread (which the plastic or the bucket would prevent).
  • They should not be uprooted from the ground, but must instead be harvested using both hands. With one hand you twist and gently rotate the base of the mushroom stem and with the other you hold the soil so as not to damage the mycelium that will remain in the clod of earth.

Please note: for themushroom picking, whether it is spring or autumn, many regions impose the burden of paying a fee. The contribution established by the entities must be paid for the issue of a receipt known as a “collection title”. In general, this qualification must be requested from:

  • The provinces
  • The managing bodies of the parks
  • The mountain communities
  • The managing bodies of the regional state property

As stated, each location has its own regulation and it is good to inquire about the territory in which you intend go mushroom picking in spring.

Spring mushrooms

And what about the types ofedible spring mushrooms?Here is the list of mushrooms to be harvested between April and May.

Blackthorn or St. George's Mushroom

Its typical habitat is represented by pastures, meadows, forest edges ... It is an edible mushroom, also known asSt. George's mushroom. The scientific name is Calocybe gambosa.

Morel or morchelle

It is edible even if it containselvellic acid... this toxin is destroyed by drying and or boiling. Theremorelis therefore aedible mushroomonly if it is cooked or dried before use. The cooking water of fresh morel mushrooms must also be eliminated.

Its habitat?
It grows on moist soils of deciduous forests, from the plains to the hills. It grows mainly at the foot of ash trees but can also be found at the bases of poplars, among grass or in sandy soils (both in orchards and in woods).

Variable Foliota

Betweenedible spring mushroomsthe species is countedKuehneromyces mutabilis, better known asvariable foliota. It is an edible mushroom, however mycologists (experts in the field ofmushrooms) recommend discarding the leathery stem and consuming only "the hat".

During the collection you have to be careful because in the samehabitatother species that are visually similar but are as toxic as theyellow nail.

Where does it grow? On the stumps of various broad-leaved trees and only rarely on the stumps of conifers. Therefoliotais among themushroomsmost common for growth in a controlled environment as it is rapidly reproducing.

Inedible spring mushrooms

The yellow nail or sulfur is not edible. The Hypholoma fasciculare species, in fact, has a toxic meat even after cooking. Among the poisonous mushrooms found inspringthere is also the red Clatro (Clathrus ruber) nicknamed witch's heart or mushroom of fire.

Conical verpa

There are someedible spring mushroomsbut they are not! For example, the Verpa conica species is listed as an edible mushroom after abundant cooking, however the toxic gyromitrin has been found to cause severe liver damage. So the fungho should be avoided.

Monachella: edible or not?

Even the mushroomnunshould be avoided. Edible nun or not? Mycologists advise against its use because it can cause heavyintoxications.

Despite this advice, some mushroom lovers believe this speciesediblestating that a very prolonged cooking can avoid risks. We, as a precaution, do not recommend the use of this mushroom. THEmonachelle mushroomsthey are found on sandy soils with poplars or in mixed woods (always with sandy soil).

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