Energy Management Conference 2019

Energy Management Conference 2019

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The first date of Energy Management Conference 2019, the conference organized by Soiel International dedicated to energy efficiency, now in sixth edition.

The exhibition area will be dedicated to smart energy management in the company aimed at optimizing the relationship between costs and effectiveness in order to create a real "additional source of energy".

ICT technologies and the Internet of Things are an important boost in terms of Energy Efficiency 4.0.

The conference organized by Soiel International is an important meeting point between the managers of the energy aspects of many user companies and the professionals of the energy supply chain, in light of the digitization and growth of renewable energy.

To open the works will be the Department of the Energy Efficiency Technical Unit of ENEA, with the news on the next round of energy diagnosis and the importance of consumption measurement. Without the measure, in fact, the diagnosis is an ineffective tool, a mere exercise in style.

The format of the event provides for an alternation of speeches between the sponsoring companies and various reference associations to which is added a round table with energy manager of some important companies including Giorgio Gangemi of the Sourcing Energy and Utility division of Consip and Alfio Fontana, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Energy Manager of Carrefour Italy.

Based on the indications of the energy managers, the following focuses are planned:

  • Energy Intelligence: tools and solutions for monitoring, analyzing and managing consumption data
  • Distributed generation and self-production of energy: cogeneration, photovoltaic, wind ...
  • Energy storage: systems for storing energy from renewable sources
  • Power quality in the company
  • ESCo world and intervention opportunities
  • The importance of the human factor, the implications on the environment and corporate social responsibility.

Energy Management Conference 2019: where and when it takes place

The first date of the Energy Management Conference is set for8 May 2019, in PLuigi di Savoia square, 6, right in front of the Central Station of Milan.

Participation in the event is free.

Energy Management Conference 2019: how to register

To register for free, simply visit the page dedicated to the event on the official website of Soiel International by following this link.

Energy Management Conference is also scheduled in Rome (June 26) and Padua (October 15).

For further information is available: Virginia Gerosa - [email protected]

Energy Management Conference 2019: how to participate as an exhibitor

For more information on how to participate as a sponsor or exhibitor, Andrea Magni is available - [email protected]

Who is Soiel International

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In 1993 was born Events Division active in the organization of Seminars, Conferences and Exhibitions. The strong point of the activity is the possibility of relying on competent editorial staff capable of declining a technological message in a popular theme, in addition to the strong promotional impulse given by a large and interested base of magazine readers. The conference activity grows and develops successfully by enriching the database of magazine readers and contributing significantly to the creation of a constant dialogue between Soiel International and the public of readers and conference participants.

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Video: 2019 Sports Management Conference - Jon Ledecky (June 2022).


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