How to build an aviary

How to build an aviary

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How to build an aviary: instruction for building aaviary do it yourself sized to suit your needs. Materials and how it is built.

There aviary it is the structure in which the birds can be raised or kept indoors. But how do you builds an aviary? Which materials should you use? What characteristics must an aviary have that will allow your birds to be able to live peacefully and without suffering?

What characteristics a good aviary must have

Let's start by understanding that a good aviary must be robust, spacious and made with materials that are not toxic to animals. These are very important characteristics, starting with the space: the aviary must be large enough to guarantee a comfortable area for the birds, so that the birds can move without effort and without finding too much crowding. Size is especially important when talking about a breeding of birds of prey, which are very demanding in terms of space.

Although on the market there are excellent aviaries at very competitive prices, many people prefer to build their bird house from scratch. But how to do it?

What it takes to build an aviary

If you are going to build an aviary, you can only try to find everything you need for this project. In particular, make sure you have protective gloves, a screwdriver and screws, a wire mesh, some wooden or aluminum strips, and some silicone.

Create the cage, the DIY aviary

Have you recovered everything you need? Then you can start building your project, starting with the cage. As we saw in the last paragraph, you can do it in wood or in aluminum, depending on your preferences. In any case, the battens will have to be used to create a parallelepiped, in which the rods will be nailed together with screws and bolts.

Once the cage frame is ready, take a containment net and attach it with wire to the outside of the structure.

Check that all the points are firmly attached, or you will run the risk that the birds can escape.Finally, make some drawers inside the frame: the function will be to allow you to clean the aviary in the best way, and insert and remove any objects to your liking, without having to disassemble the whole structure. Then proceed to create an entrance for the birds: as you can imagine, the entrance must be large enough to allow access without effort. Then paint the aviary the color of your choice, using non-toxic materials for your pets.

How to make the floor of the aviary

So far we have not deliberately talked about one of the most important structural elements of the aviary, like yours floor. Your goal in this case should be to design a solid floor, which avoids water infiltration and stagnation.

Contrary to what some suggest, grass is certainly not the best ingredient. This is certainly an attractive choice, but after not long you will have to replace it anyway, also because some birds will end up eating it, so the best choice is to make a base composed of concrete, gravel or stone slabs.

Although it seems a very difficult operation to you, in reality it is a fairly practical way: dig about 20 centimeters into the floor of the aviary, then fill the hollow up to 15 centimeters, with a cement preparation.

The bottom must be well polished. The upper layer of the floor of the aviary must instead be composed equally of sand and concrete.

It is also good to tilt the floor towards the outside, in such a way that it has a natural drain function: speaking of drains, it is better to provide at least two, so that if one becomes obstructed, you can still guarantee the right drain with the other. point.

However, if you believe that the method of construction of the aviary floor that we have presented to you is too complicated, know that a good alternative is certainly represented by the application of some stone slabs, which will be placed on a stable surface such as concrete. Just pay attention to structure this particular way of paving the aviary with the right type of slope, in order to be sure that the water drains correctly towards the outside.

Also remember that after you have placed the stone slabs, you will need to fill the parts that remain uncovered with mortar - at this point, we hope that we have provided you with all the most useful information to be able to make a good aviary. If you have doubts or concerns, you can ask a DIY store or some expert in the sector: we are sure that they will provide you with some advice to avoid getting the project wrong!

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