How to recognize plants

How to recognize plants

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How to recognize plants: a guide to the most common plants you find on the Italian territory and practical tips to recognize plants from leaves or using the smartphone.

Before seeing what theapplications to recognize plantsI want to tell you that only experience and a lot of practice will give you the skills you need so you canrecognize a plantsimply by observing the stem and leaves! So the first tip is this: don't be in a hurry! Be a careful observer and things will come by themselves!

How to recognize plants

Each plant has its own habitat, so to learn arecognize themyou can take advantage of this advantage. Not all plants areubiquitous.There are plants that grow only in the mountains, others that prefer the plain, others that are typical of the hilly environment and others that are typical of the coastal habitat. Using this first clue, I'll tell you what are the most common plants you find inMediterranean Forest, that is, what are the plants that make up the coastal forest.

  • Holm oak
  • Pine tree
  • Olive tree
  • Cork

Olivo and Pino are sure you already know how to recognize them. Holm oak is the plant shown above. For photos of stem and leaves you can visit the dedicated page: holm oak. These plants are easy toto recognizeespecially for those who live in Southern Italy: they grow especially in areas with a mild climate, with a lack of water. They are characterized by thick barks that protect the stem from evaporation.

On the plain you can easily come across:

  • Poplar
  • Willow
  • Farnia
  • Alder

Poplars and willows, like before pines and olive trees, are easy to identify. If you have noticed atree that grows in waterand you're wondering what it could be, know that alder, willow and poplar are thetreeswhich are best suited to growing in water. The following photo is that of an alder.

The English oak can be confused with an holm oak, they are both oaks and produceacorns. The two plants can be easily distinguished by looking at the leaf margins. Here are the leaves of the English oak. Leaves can be a great indicator forrecognize plants, especially when it is necessary to discriminate two species of the same genus, therefore having similar fruit and stem.

Let's continue our little journey to discover thetrees of Italy. In the mountain habitat you can discover many plants, among the most common are the conifers they presentneedle-like leaves. The shape of the leaves is so structured to minimize transpiration and damage caused by snow, which is why many plants in the mountains are evergreen. BetweenItalian conifersmost common we have:

  • Fir
  • Pine tree
  • Larch

The most common hardwoods are:

  • Beech tree
  • Chestnut

How to recognize plants from leaves

In this article I told you aboutneedle-like leavesisdeciduous plants. Needle-shaped (needle-like) leaves mainly identify conifers. Broad-leaved plants, on the other hand, are those with very large leaves. Many broad-leaved plants are also deciduous (that is, they shed in autumn and hunt new vegetation in spring), but there are also evergreen broad-leaved trees, for example, typical of the coastal environment, the carob, Ceratonia siliqua.

App to recognize plants and books

At one time I would have advised you to buy a manual ... Of course, those who love printed paper can buy an "Atlas of Trees" or an illustrated guide to recognize the trees of Italy and Europe. I recommend "Trees of Italy and Europe", it is a guide to recognition that explains to you, thanks to illustrations,how to recognize plants by leaves, from flowers or fruits and how to identify some specific peculiarities of certain species. The recommended book can be bought on Amazon at a price of 17.00 euros and for all the information you can visit: this page.

Let's talk now aboutapplications to recognize plants. Here too there is a wide choice. Lovers offreewarecan download theapp to recognize trees and plants"[Email protected]"available for both iPhone and Android Os. It is a very large database that provides photos from French research centers such as CIRAD and INR.

The tree recognition app leaves little room for personal observations. In fact, to get feedback just use the camera. The peculiarity of this applicationis precisely to allow the recognition of plants and flowers via the smartphone camera.

Where to download the App? Here are two useful links. The download can take place from the PlayStore for Android or from the App Store on iOs. You can search for it by writing “PlantNet” directly.

For iPhone, the "PictureThis" App for recognizing plants is very effective, also in this case the camera is used for asearch from images.

Video: The Best App For Identifying Plants - Easy Plant Identification - Plant Snap (June 2022).


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