Soybean oil: properties and uses

Soybean oil: properties and uses

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In addition to soy sauce, there is alsosoybean oil, not to be despised even if many in Italy are particularly fond of our healthy and genuine extra virgin olive oil also called extra virgin olive oil. Let's find out what properties this alternative oil has and on what occasions it could be useful and convenient to use it.

Soybean oil: characteristics

This oil is used both in the food sector and in the field of cosmetics and is made from soy. The scientific name of soy is Glycine max, it is a legume that comes from the East and has always been very widespread in Asia, but today it is also widely cultivated in the rest of the world and there is a reason. This is not a temporary fashion.

Soy is now considered the vegetable with the highest protein intake in existence. It is therefore very useful in our diet, especially in that of people who follow vegetarian and vegan diets and they don't want to run out of protein.

As we have mentioned, and perhaps as many of you know, the soy is native to China and Japan. Perhaps fewer people know that it is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the legume family, the "progenitor" is wild soybeans, the glycine soja, from which thousands of different soybean species have been formed over the years, spreading to the rest of the world. If you have never seen a soy plant or soy itself, its appearance is very similar to that of the bean, in fact it forms pods which inside contain legumes, always similar to broad beans or beans.

Soybean oil: properties

So far we have only talked about soy, let's now get the oil and information about it. We can actually choose two ways to obtain some'Soybean oil. Cold pressing is one of the two methods available to us, the other involves the use of chemical solvents.

Cold pressing is undoubtedly a complex and time-consuming method, it has a certain cost and the soybean oil obtained from it has a higher price than others, but we are sure that it is a high quality oil, more "raw" and therefore much richer in beneficial substances. If we buy soybean oil in a normal supermarket it will most likely be an oil extracted using chemical solvents, to find the one obtained by cold pressing the best thing is to contact organic food shops or organic markets.

A good oil extracted from soy is not a waste oil but contains many substances that can be very useful in our diet: proteins, calcium, magnesium, fatty acids, in particularlinoleic acid (omega 6) e alpha-linoleic (Omega 3). It has important antioxidant properties and is useful for the treatment of numerous cardiovascular diseases. The fact that it also contains isoflavones, plant hormones or phytostrogens, makes it an excellent food foranti-aging.

Soybean oil: benefits

This oil is good both if we take it by eating it at the table and if we apply it outside, spreading it on the skin both face and body.

When we use it as a condiment, it helps us keep cholesterol in check and acts as a source tonic for the heart and liver. If we are not very convinced of its flavor, it is easy to do: we can create a mix of oils by combining soy and olive oil in equal quantities. It is an excellent condiment that we can use especially for vegetables, legumes and salads but also to prepare sauces.

Before adopting thesoybean oil as an ingredient for our cuisine tout court it is better to know that it should only be consumed raw. In particular, it would be highly discouraged for frying as it is an oil with a low smoke point therefore when the temperature rises, it develops highly toxic substances.

Soybean oil: uses

Let's see some alternative uses ofsoybean oil and by alternative we mean those that provide for its topical application and not its use at the table, in the dish. In the cosmetic field this oil is used as a substance suitable to combat stretch marks, it is found to be used alone or as an ingredient for creams or other vegetable oils. L'anti-stretch mark effect is given by the presence of isoflavones that also fight tissue dehydration, the oil in fact manages to form a protective hydrolipidic layer which hinders the loss of fluids.

Spread on the skin of the face and body, it protects it from external agents, sunlight, inflammation and at the same time helps the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, fighting theelastase, the enzyme that attacks collagen.

The secret to getting effective anti-stretch mark treatment that it is also elasticizing lies in mixing soybean oil with some elasticising oils such as sweet almond oil or rose hip. This is because soy is very low in vitamin E.

Soybean oil: recipes

Let's see two recipes related to the cosmetic sector and the body care, to obtain natural and effective treatments for the body and hair.

We start from the hair and prepare a compress with two tablespoons of castor oil and one tablespoon of soybean oil, mix them in a bowl and then cool the liquid in a water bath. Our mix is ​​ready to be applied to the hair, it is very important to massage well because only in this way can the pack also come into contact with the scalp as well as with the hair. For these packs to be effective they must remain in place for about half an hour, they are mainly used to straighten curly and frizzy hair.

To prepare a treatment for the body we need instead add the rosehip oil to our oil, you need 50 ml of the first and two teaspoons of the second. When we have mixed the two oils in a bowl, obtaining a well-blended compound, we can directly apply it to the skin, all over the body or only in the points we consider critical, the important thing is that the skin is clean. We leave this ointment on for at least half an hour, then we can remove it with a soft towel.

Soybean oil: where to buy it

If you want to introduce soybean oil into your diet, you can also buy it online. There are good deals on Amazon. A pack of organic 500ml for 12 euros, a pack of soybean oil flavored with chilli from 250ml to 8 euros, and a pack of 12 packs of 500ml of organic soybean oil for 44 euros.

Soybean oil: contraindications

Soybean oil also has some contraindications: it is not suitable for frying as having a very low smoke point it can develop harmful substances if brought to a boil.

Soybean oil could also cause allergic reactions to people allergic to soy, peanuts or other leguminous plants.

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