Ginger and lemon herbal tea, benefits and properties

Ginger and lemon herbal tea, benefits and properties

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Ginger and lemon herbal tea: the list of benefits and the recipe to prepare it at home. The herbal tea based on ginger and lemon is a real panacea for health, let's discover all its properties together.

The one between Ginger and Lemon seems to be the perfect union to improve the general health of the body. Thereginger and lemon herbal teait's a drinkpurifyingeasy to prepare and very popular: it is indicated in case of colds, hypercholesterolemia (ginger counteracts the formation ofbad cholesterol), for those who follow a low-calorie diet and for those who want to improve their metabolism and want to lose weight.

There ginger and lemon herbal tea it really brings all of these benefits? Let's see in detail and analyze anyside effectsiscontraindications.

Ginger and lemon herbal tea: benefits

THE benefits of the ginger and lemon herbal tea there are many: this drink has a positive impact on the whole body because the combined active ingredients of ginger and lemon have an anticoagulant power and would help thin the blood. Betweenbenefitsof thelemon and ginger herbal tea, the anticoagulant power is perhaps the most important: useful in the prevention of blood clots, clots and cardiovascular problems.

Lemon juice, in conjunction with ginger, allows you topurify the bodyhelping the natural elimination of waste and toxins that would otherwise accumulate in the body, particularly in the adipose tissue. This is why theginger and lemon herbal teaexplainsbenefitson the aesthetic aspect: it helps us eliminate the annoying orange peel (cellulite). It stimulates diuresis and improves metabolism.

Thanks to its properties, thelemon and ginger herbal teait is useful as an adjunct to a low-calorie diet. It helps to counteract the accumulation of fats and protect the digestive system.

To make it more effective in combating adipose accumulation and cellulite, it is recommended to take it before the sauna for those who attend wellness centers.

Ginger and lemon herbal tea: the recipe

How to make ginger and lemon heal? Thererecipe for lemon and ginger herbal teait is easy to prepare. The ingredients to use can be found in the supermarket or in the garden. You will need:

  • 450 ml of water
  • About 10 grams of fresh ginger
  • an untreated lemon
  • stevia or honey (optional)
  • baking soda (optional)

This recipe requires the use offresh ginger. Thereginger and lemon herbal teait can also be prepared with dried ginger, however we recommend using fresh root or good quality dried ginger. How to make ginger and lemon herbal tea with dried roots? Simply replace 10 grams of fresh ginger with 5 grams of dried ginger or powdered ginger.

Please note
Aherbal teaprepared with fresh ginger root it has a completely different flavor from the same decoction obtained using powdered ginger. In the case of dried ginger powder, lower the dosage by bringing the amount of ginger to 5 grams.


1). Wash and clean the fresh ginger root. Chop the ginger in order to obtain many thin fragments.

2). Meanwhile, start the fire and bring the water to a boil in a kettle.

3). Turn off the heat and infuse the chopped ginger roots and half a lemon cut into thin slices, without removing the zest.

4). Add the juice of the other lemon half.

5). The preparation of the decoction is concluded after having waited at least 15 minutes of infusion. After the infusion times have elapsed, filter and serve still hot.

Our advice is to let the herbal tea cool with all the ingredients in infusion and filter only when the liquid has cooled.

For a snack recipe, that of candied gingermaybe to be enjoyed with a steaming herbal tea, I suggest you read our dedicated article.

A few pieces of fresh (or dried) ginger can be added to the mint infusion.

Cold ginger and lemon herbal tea: summer version

There herbal tea with ginger and lemon it can be transformed into an excellent summer drink: before adding the lemon juice, let it cool and add half a teaspoon of baking soda and stevia to sweeten. Shake well and keep in the fridge for up to 5 days. In this way, the ginger and lemon drink can be served cold even in summer, with only one condition: shake the drink well before consuming it.

Ginger and lemon herbal tea: variants with honey, bicarbonate and stevia

The addition of honey is recommended if the herbal tea is used to decongest the respiratory tract, counteract cough and flu. For a purely purifying effect, the use of honey or sugar is not recommended. To get a more pleasant taste, you can add some stevia and a pinch of baking soda which is useful in case of digestive problems or to face a hot summer day.

overall, this drink has stimulating properties on thyroid activity and antiviral properties. The stimulating properties are also felt on the immune defenses thanks to the antioxidant content of lemon juice. To the benefits of ginger must be added those of simple water with lemon juice; all information is shown on the page"Water and lemon".

Heartburn sufferers will do well to add baking soda. Although baking soda cannot be considered a definitive remedy for problems such as stomach acid, it can relieve this symptom immediately. To solve the problem of heartburn or heartburn, it is important to consult a doctor.

Ginger tea for weight loss

Thegingeris recommended forlose weightnot only because it improves digestive functions but because this root has an effectthermogenicwhich helps activate the metabolism. That's why it isgingerit is often described as a foodfat burningorcalorie-burning.

If your goal is to lose weight, taking ginger in the form of an infusion (herbal tea) will only have a mild effect. To lose weight (or to take advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger) supplements are more suitable.

We have recommended this product because it is 100% natural. Free of preservatives and other additives (therefore it is 100% vegetable). The product is a concentrated extract of ginger and can be purchased on Amazon at a price of 18.90 euros with free shipping. You can buy any ginger-based supplement, just make sure you respect the recommended doses and choose a natural product with a high percentage ofgingerol.

Ginger and lemon herbal tea: contraindications

Thecontraindicationsof this drink are the same as those associated with the consumption of ginger. Anyone undergoing drug therapy or suffering from certain ailments should consult a doctor before taking ginger.

The US FDA has entered itgingerin the list of "safe foods", emphasizing the ability of its active ingredients to interact with some drugs, including the anticoagulant wafarin and other drugs that have an effect on the cardiovascular system such as nifedipine. If used in "reasonable" dosages without abusing it, it isgingerit has no detailscontraindications.

It is contraindicated in people who have gallstones, among its side effects, ginger could cause heartburn in some people by irritating the gastric mucous membranes. Use during pregnancy is not recommended.

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