Trekking with the dog

Trekking with the dog

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Trekking with the dog: advice for those who want to take long walks and excursions with a dog. How to protect yourself, rules and useful advice.

In the guide article "how to run with your dog", we suggested that you submit your four-legged friend to a veterinary examination before any activity. This advice also applies today: dogs, just like us humans, can have small health problems and, moreover, not all dogs are suitable for long walks in the mountains. The preliminary visit to the vet will also make you understand what kind of itinerary you can choose.

The dog may suffer from "altitude sickness", an altitude-related malaise that has the following symptoms: labored breathing, fatigue, frequent cough and shortness of breath even at rest. Throughout the following dog walk, observe him and try to be a great keeper.

Another basic rule: the dog must be equipped with a microchip, health card, medal with name and address and certificate of registration in the canine registry.

Trekking with the dog

Just like you, your dog will also need a more suitable diet. Keep in mind that dogs have longer digestion times than humans. He will have to have his last meal before he doestrekking, at least 3 hours in advance.

When you dotrekking with doglater, in your bag you must not miss:

  • Water, for you and your dog
  • Snacks and croquettes
    To be administered in extreme moderation, they serve more as a reminder if the dog is having a tantrum.
  • Rope and carabiner
    If your dog encounters a wild animal or ventures into a ravine, the rope and carabiners can be helpful in retrieving it.
  • Plastic bags and dustpan
    You will need to collect dog feces just like you do when you go to town. The reason? There can be deadly parasites in dog feces for beech martens, foxes, badgers, wolves, weasels… and other wildlife.
  • First aid kit
    Hydrogen peroxide and bandages, useful for you and the dog. Cortisone-based ampoules, soaked wipes, forceps to remove any thorns. Also add socks to protect the dog's paws should he injure a spinal cord.
  • Collar and leash
    I know what you are thinking, the dog does not need a leash forstroll in the woods but the use of these tools guarantees its safety!

Choose a sturdy harness. In the article "Dog harness, which one to choose", we gave you several tips to choose the best harness for walking the dog, running or hiking.

Not only harness, but also muzzle: if your pathtrekking with the doginvolves stretches in the mountains with the use of ski lifts, you are obliged to have not only a leash (or harness) but also a muzzle.

Hiking with the dog

Even if it seems like a simple onewalk the dog, you know there are several regulations both to respect other hikers and to respect the environment. Before embarking on a hiking trail with your dog or hiking in the countryside, inquire with specialized guides or by asking the CAI (Italian Alpine Club).You may not know it, but in some natural areas, access todogsit is strictly forbidden. The ban on dogs was created to protect wildlife which, as I told you earlier, can be endangered even by simple dog waste.

Dog supplements

If you want to dotrekking with dogafterwards, you will have to focus on the needs of your four-legged friend. Just as you need minerals, your dog also needs to compensate for the loss of nutrients.

Even if you don't intend to hike and your route may seem like a simple walk with the dog, if it is very hot, bring supplements with you.

On the market there are many complements (supplements) of mineral salts, amino acids and sugars. Some are more suitable in hot periods and others perform a mere energy function. To get an idea, I would like to point out an Amazon page where the korrecor line of supplements for dogs is proposed: Korrector supplements.

The products just mentioned are just an example, as stated, there are many brands on the market, if you prefer, you can contact your trusted veterinarian for purchase.

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