Bee venom: cream and ointment

Bee venom: cream and ointment

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What is the bee venom and is it true that it is good or is it one of the many marketing inventions that are heard around? Could a poison, including bees, ever bring benefits? Yes, it does, and several.

This is not recent news, this substance has been traditionally used for years, especially in Eastern Europe, perhaps for this reason that to some of us it may seem new.

Bee venom is used for example to treat joint diseases, but not only, as we will see from the numerous applications that exist and the many products based on.

What interests us and that we are looking for in the ingredients is apitoxin, the generic name of bee venom, which was "discovered" by Hungarian doctor Beck. He was a great lover of bees and beekeeping and it is thanks to his passion that he came to discover the unsuspected qualities now normally attributed to bee venom but not a time. We owe to him the first hypotheses supported by American scientific research in the following years.

Bee venom: cream

In cream format we find the bee venom which is especially precious because it contains substances that may seem unknown to us but which have beneficial effects on our body. I mean for example with histamine, isolecithin, apamine which together give the cream the power to exert an anti-inflammatory action that is very useful in cases of arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica. If the poison is applied directly, certainly the effect is stronger, but it is by no means a trivial operation to do. For this, bee venom cream is used which also has other iInteresting properties much more related to the aesthetic side, as we are about to see.

Bee venom ointment

To apply the bee venom it is necessary to carry out a series of preliminary allergic tests, in order to avoid unpleasant reactions. It is therefore automatic to think of more practical alternatives such as cream or topical application of ointments and bee venom-based ointments. They can be found on the market quite easily, maybe we have never noticed it, also because there is often a small writing, and they are products that contain it but based on karate butter. It is the basis, in fact, but then they are added essential oils able to enhance the effects of the poison and aromatize the result.

Bee venom: where to buy it

It can be found in some pharmacies and herbalists, some products more targeted to aesthetic effects can also be found in the supermarket or perfumery. Of course, online there is no problem finding everything we need, starting with the ointment with bee venom we just talked about. A pack of 30 ml online on Amazon is about ten euros and you can buy it to test it and see if you are comfortable with it. Inside the 30 ml jar there is bee venom in a concentration equivalent to about 70 bee stings. This phytopomata with poison, thanks to its content in mellitin, is useful for promoting normal function at the level of the delicate joint areas.

Bee venom: price

Let's see two other products to get an idea of ​​prices. A cream Wonder Bee for the face, with our poison, costs 24 euros in a 50ml pack. This type of product has a different use, however, it is no longer a question of fighting osteoarthritis but the effects of age. This poison cream is anti-aging and toning, has a natural lifting effect and thanks to the presence of an active ingredient that only bee venom contains, or almost.

It is a product not only based on bee venom so it is also super moisturizing thanks to hyaluronic acid and regenerating due to the presence of Copaiba sap of the Amazon, as well as being rich in vitamins A + C + E that nourish the skin. It really has to be a super cream as it also contains provitamin B5 which has a natural emollient effect.

For those who want a more complete treatment, there is a even kit of three creams one of which is bee venom, and the others? Always with ingredients that we can define as "weird" and coming from the animal world, I am referring to the snail slime, contained in the second cream, and to the viper serum, the main ingredient of the third cream of this anti-wrinkle kit that we find on Amazon at a few dozen EUR

Bee venom: benefits

The first, as far as we know, to take advantage of the healing properties of bee venom have been no less than that Charlemagne and Ivan the Terrible which they certainly did not use as an anti-age but to treat pains and wounds. Already at the time it was known how effective it is in this. Over time the other interesting effects were discovered. Today the consequences of the presence of a fraction called cardiopep, which seems to have antiarrhythmic and beta-adrenergic activity. If the study confirms this, bee venom could also be very useful for those suffering from heart failure and arrhythmia.

Another product related to bees that might interest you is Beeswax. If you liked this article keep following me also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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