Seasonal fruit month by month

Seasonal fruit month by month

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Seasonal fruit month by month:spring, autumn winter… without forgetting the summer fruit. Here is the seasonal fruit calendar month by month.

By choosing the seasonal fruit month by month you have greater guarantees of consuming fresh and sustainable products. There seasonal fruit on the one hand it preserves its nutritional properties better and on the other it is the basis of the sustainable diet as defined by the FAO: 'Low environmental impact diet that contributes to food and nutritional security, but also to a healthy life for present and future generations'.

Seasonal fruit calendar month by month

Looking at the seasonality table, we realize that every month of the year presents a wide selection of fresh fruits, it is not only important to understandhow to choose seasonal fruitbut also to ensure zero kilometer products. Finding out about local markets and solidarity buying groups will help to eat healthy and boost the local economy.

At the supermarket we can find all kinds of fruit, every day of the year, even cherries at Christmas that we have never seen in our area. Tastes are tastes, God forbid and if we are talking about healthy products, no censorship ... but between import, transport and storage, often it is not the freshest fruit.

The table of the seasonal fruit month by month it is useful for orientation in purchases. And looking at it we realize that for some imported fruits, such as banana (the most consumed fruit in the world) and pineapple, seasonality is indifferent from the point of view of sustainability, but there are some months in which the product is fresher because of the season in the countries of origin (you understand it from YES in bold). Homegrown apples and pears are also fruit with continuous seasonality, except for a couple of months when freshness has a decline (identified by the SI which is not in bold). The table with the seasonal fruit calendar is at the end of the page. In the meantime, let's start with the seasonality of the fruit starting from winter.

Seasonal fruit in winter

Among the strangest fruits that are harvested in winter are pomelos and in southern Italy quince and persimmon are still being harvested.

Seasonal fruit: December

Winter is also very generous, certainly there are no watermelons but the green light for oranges, persimmons, kiwis, mandarins, mandarins, grapefruits and pomegranates: who can say that December is stingy with seasonal fruit? In addition, there are grapefruits and pineapples in top form, with apples and pears of the winter varieties.

Seasonal fruit: January

Aside from the ubiquitous banana with its precious potassium load, this is undoubtedly the month of citrus fruits. Orange, tangerine, tangerine and grapefruit are a must, but it is also a great month for apples and pears. There is also kiwi, which is in season from November to April and the Italian one until May.

Seasonal fruit: February

The winter season continues and the January indications are confirmed with the whole citrus family except lemons (which we will find in a month) and grapefruit which is seasonally adjusted at the end of January. Apples and pears are great. In February the banana really starts to be in season and the fruits become sweeter. Fresh Italian almonds peep out and the kiwi continues.

Seasonal fruit in spring

Spring is the flowering period, we do not recommend buying mandarins in March (even if they are still in season) as, in this period, they have a drier pulp.

Seasonal fruit: March

We said about lemons and here they are. The news in March is that winter is over and it is the last month for oranges and mandarins, while the mandarins leave the scene in February. Bananas are getting sweeter and apples and pears continue together with kiwis (which improve with the arrival of Italian production).

Seasonal fruit: April

The change in climate is heralded by the arrival of the first strawberries from the hottest areas: they are not as tasty as those of May but become seasonal. In April the real pineapple season also begins, which we have put among the imported fruits with continuous seasonality and which we are used to buying a lot during the Christmas holidays: a bit because December is another season month for pineapple and a little because this fruit (which is actually a set of fruits from the homonymous tree) makes us think of summer.

Seasonal fruit: May

The long orange season ends in May and the first cherry season begins. The first wonderful apricots also arrive, gradually starting from the warm regions, together with the medlars. Last feast of Italian kiwifruit and apples, while we said goodbye to pears in April but we will find them again shortly. Bananas and pineapples are seasonally adjusted. It's the month of strawberries.

Fruit season in summer

Summer is probably the season that gives the most fruit, but allow us a myth to dispel: strawberries are not just summer. The strawberry season begins in late spring but the remontant strawberries are harvested until autumn, indeed, those who live in the milder areas of southern Italy can find strawberries even with the winter season fruit.

Seasonal fruit: June

Apricots, cherries, strawberries (even wild strawberries), blueberries, raspberries, peaches, plums, plums and mulberry blackberries. With such an abundance of fruit in June we can put aside apples and pears for a while, which in fact go to rest in this period (nature is wonderful with its compensations!). When there are peaches, apricots, blueberries and wild strawberries on the table, what more can you ask for? Just a little lemon, which happens to be in season in June. And let's not forget the mulberry blackberries, a wonderful fruit to be rediscovered.

Seasonal fruit: July

Compared to June, which was already rich in fruit, July confirms everything. In addition, we find watermelon and melon, fioroni figs (different from those of September), raspberries and currants which were just starting in June. The apples and pears of the summer varieties are back on the field. Italian lemons are still in great shape. We remember the mulberry blackberries until the end of the month because then we will have to wait for them a year.

Seasonal fruit: August

It is the only month of the year in which blackberries sprout, let's take advantage of it. Last month of the season for red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, currants) and first feast of grapes. The fruit that is queen in the summer diet gives us the final bang before leaving, giving us the fruits that are a little less vitamin and a little more caloric in autumn.

Seasonal fruit in autumn

Autumn gives us many warm colors and, between a dry leaf and one that falls, we find a good number of seasonal fruits. Here's what you can buy in the fall as a seasonal fruit. The strangest fruits of this period? Quinces are harvested between October and November.

Seasonal fruit: September

Peaches, plums and melon continue. The grapes and figs arrive in full, including prickly pears that you find fresh and ripe only in September. The plum and plum season and that of Giuggiola continue until the beginning of autumn.

Seasonal fruit: October

The first fruits of October are chestnuts, the first persimmons accompanied by persimmon apples. and pomegranates. We have plenty of grapes and lemon is delicious. Apples and pears regain their splendor and the varieties available increase.

Seasonal fruit: November

Caco and apple caco are at the top, chestnuts are ready even in the mountains and walnuts arrive. We find the kiwi that we greeted in May and with the arrival of cold mother nature returns to give us the vitamins of the first citrus fruits: oranges, mandarins, mandarins and grapefruits are back in season, together with the lemon which will rest in December. Apples and pears as always. To vary, here is the avocado, which in November and December offers the maximum of its properties. Let's not forget the winter medlars!

Centrifuged and extracts with seasonal fruit

Not everyone has a passion for fruit ... but there is no one who can resist an exotic cocktail or a homemade fruit juice, perhaps sweetened with stevia (naturally sweetened) or with maple syrup!

To always know how to consume fresh seasonal fruit, perhaps if you have bought more and don't know what to do with it, know that you can turn it into tasty recipes of juices and extracts. For this purpose, we advise you to have a recipe book ready that takes into account only the possible combinations based on seasonality. On “this Amazon page” you can find a book - recipe that in this area could become your most precious ally; in ebook format, you can download it for € 5.49.

Seasonal vegetables

Not just seasonal fruits, make way for vegetables from the garden! For all other information: seasonal vegetables, month by month.

Below I propose a summary table that shows the months of the year in which the various seasonal fruits are available. For fruits available all year round, such as pineapple and banana, I have highlighted in bold the months in which the fruits are usually of the best quality.

Seasonal fruitJanFebMarAprMagDownJulAgoSetOctNov.Dec
Prickly pearYES
Sweet almondYES
blue raspberryYES