How to sell a house better and quickly: everything you need to know

How to sell a house better and quickly: everything you need to know

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Being able to sell your home quickly and at the best price is an achievable goal only on condition that you have very clear ideas about a series of factors and details that in most cases escape us.

Today it is possible to "do it all by yourself" using one of the many websites where you can publish an ad with all the information about your apartment and a series of accompanying photographs but the most effective way to sell a house at the best price and in short time in most cases is to turn to professionals.

In this article I will explain why.

The evaluation of the house

The first goal I recommend you to set yourself is to make an assessment of the real market price of your home. There are several ways to do this, the simplest are:

  • contact two or three real estate agencies and ask for an evaluation of your property. The evaluations must always be free and must NOT imply the assignment of the mandate to sell.
  • search online home buying and selling sites for advertisements for homes with similar characteristics to yours and located as close as possible to your apartment.
  • ask your bank for an evaluation (also free in this case!) of your real estate assets
  • call the real estate agencies that sell apartments in your area and ask for the asking price, perhaps after seeing a sign hanging outside a building with the agency number or alternatively by visiting directly one of the many agencies with a window on the streets.

To arrive at a correct evaluation, you will not have to be conditioned by the price you paid at the time to buy your home as market conditions are constantly changing and prices can obviously vary significantly over the years.

You will also need to consider as objectively as possible the presence or absence of factors that contribute to raising or lowering the price of a property.

Factors to be taken into consideration to correctly determine the value of an apartment

There are many factors to consider to determine the value of your apartment in the most objective way possible and below I list the ones that in my opinion are the most important:

  1. Size of the apartment in square meters
  2. Number of rooms
  3. General condition of the apartment (renovated / not renovated)
  4. Floor (obviously an apartment located on a high floor is priced much more than an apartment located on a low floor due to the greater brightness, the lower predisposition to the risk of theft, the lower noise and in the case of the top floor due to the absence of noises coming from the tenant upstairs)
  5. Year of construction of the building
  6. Location of the building with reference to the neighborhood and the proximity or otherwise of subways, parks, supermarkets, hospitals, public transport stops, shopping centers and anything else that may constitute a reason for qualifying the area (or disqualification of the area if nearby present for example polluting companies, railway stations, landfills, very noisy or dense areas of traffic, etc.)
  7. Condition of the building and year of construction
  8. Energy class of the building
  9. Certification of the apartment's electrical system
  10. Presence of one or more elevators in the building
  11. Presence of a concierge throughout the day (increasingly important in recent times for security reasons and for the increase in online purchases)
  12. Presence of one or more balconies
  13. Presence of windows on one (single exposure) or more sides of the apartment (double exposure) with obvious preference for the latter
  14. Presence of an air conditioning system
  15. Presence of a garage as part of the apartment
  16. Presence of a cellar or an attic as pertaining to the apartment
  17. Presence of a window in the bathroom
  18. Presence of a communal garden
  19. Presence of a mortgage that has not yet been repaid
  20. Presence of any tenants for rent
  21. Presence of other distinctive factors of value (e.g. hot tub, home automation, floors or fine finishes, panoramic terraces, etc.)

How to sell a house through specialized ad portals

As anticipated at the beginning of this article, there are many specialized websites where you can publish an ad to put your apartment up for sale.

The most used are the following:


There are also other ad portals NOT specialized in the sale of properties in which it is possible to publish an ad. The two best known are:


In all these sites you can publish a free ad with all the information about your apartment and with a lot of photographs.

To get to the publication just register and follow the usually simple and intuitive guided procedure.

However, your ad will be added to the other thousands in the databases and will have very little visibility unless you are willing to pay a contribution (sometimes quite significant!) To bring your ad in a more evident position.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling a house through specialized portals

The main advantage of being able to find a buyer of your home through a specialized portal is that you will not have to pay any agency fees as the sale will be concluded without the support of mediators directly from the notary, usually chosen by the buyer.

However, the disadvantages are not to be overlooked, here are the most relevant to consider:

  • absence of an agency that can protect you throughout the purchase offer and compromise process, verifying the buyer's requirements and conducting negotiations to maximize the sale price
  • absence of a reference who will be able to take care of the visits to your apartment of potential buyers because clearly after the contact received from the website a phase always starts which involves one or more visits and negotiation. This aspect is perhaps the most important because a real estate agent, thanks to his experience as a seller (obviously if selected appropriately!) Will be able to skillfully enhance the strength of your home and will be able to overshadow the weaknesses.
  • absence of a reference that can provide you with a text for the purchase offer and for the compromise that is fully protective for you. On the web there are templates that can be downloaded for free but every purchase proposal and every compromise (also called preliminary sale) must always be customized on the basis of the property and the agreements between the parties
  • absence of a broker who can keep the check relating to the purchase proposal (in this case protecting the buyer and therefore "reassuring him and increasing the chances of sale") until your possible acceptance
  • absence of a figure who will have to give you the right advice to make the most of your real estate property before the sale or in any case during the visits of potential buyers.

How to find the right agency or real estate agent

Real estate agencies, especially in large cities but often also in small towns, are literally "born like mushrooms", triggering a mechanism of excessive competition which, instead of bringing benefits to the market, has led to the disqualification of the category.

In this way, the agencies try to “steal each other's customers” by asking for ever lower commission percentages or even in the most extreme cases by asking only the buyer.

A leafleting mechanism was then created without respect for privacy with leaflets left in the box without authorization or even worse with "door to door" activities with a serious threat to the safety of condominiums as, especially in the case of elderly people, the The risk of confusing the real estate agent on duty with the scammer is constantly increasing.

The height of the invasion of privacy towards me has reached an agent of the agency Fondocasa in via Ronchi, 11 in Milan.

You will not believe it but returning home one evening I found this note UNDER THE DOOR:

I swear I have thought of everything except that the ticket came from an unknown real estate agent! Not knowing any “Igor” I even rang the neighbor asking if the ticket was for her, left by some of her acquaintances.

When I tried to call the number and found out it was a real estate agent Fondocasa I'm not telling youanger that came to me!

This is definitely not the right way and these are not the agencies to turn to in my humble opinion!

So how do you find the right real estate agency for you? My advice is to rely on the advice of your friends and acquaintances including statistically you will have at least a dozen who have sold or bought a house, perhaps right in your area of ​​residence.

For my part, I can only give you a reference from the real estate agent that I used with great satisfaction when I had to quickly sell my apartment in Milan, managing to get a price that I honestly would not have believed to reach and above all managing to sell on the first visit! :-) However, the real estate agent in question only works in Milan, so it can only help you if the apartment you want to sell is located in Milan. In case you can write to our editorial staff [email protected] and I will provide you with his references for a contact without obligation.

Evaluate a small renovation to sell the house better

When you want to sell a house, you essentially think about monetizing immediately and in the best possible way and what you would like to completely avoid is incurring new expenses to improve the appearance of your apartment and instead this behavior could turn out to be a mistake!

Sometimes, in fact, small accommodations, which may perhaps be suggested to you by your trusted real estate agent, can provide the potential buyer with a much better impression of your apartment, thus increasing the offer by a value well above the costs you will have incurred for repairs. / accommodations.

A whitewashing, some repairs postponed over the years and a rearrangement that leads to freeing up space and removing unnecessary objects may be the first step.

The importance of photographs to sell your home well

Whether you decide to sell your home independently, using one of the portals I mentioned above, and whether you decide to contact a trusted real estate agent, the role of the photographs you can take of your apartment is VERY important!

Today, thanks to smartphones, it is possible to take excellent photos as long as you know the basic rules of framing, composition and respect for the lights. Maybe if you don't feel like an expert you can ask your children that they handle smartphones better than you!

Also in this situation, the real estate agent can be of great help by suggesting the best shots and perhaps indicating what is best to include in the frame and what is better to remove, even if only temporarily.

Great importance is given to the lights and the absence of shadows which contribute decisively to giving a positive impression of your apartment.

The importance of welcoming the potential buyer

Welcoming the potential buyer is another aspect that can be decisive in selling your apartment at the best price. Remember to always find the house clean, with the maximum brightness of the rooms (curtains raised, lights on if the visit takes place in the evening, etc.). Avoid presenting yourself with sloppy and neglected clothing.

The buyer ideally always associates the house with those who have lived there for years.

A valid alternative, in case you rely on a real estate agent, is to leave the house and let your trusted agent take care of the visit.

The documents to prepare to sell the house

Preparing the documents necessary to sell your home in advance is another important factor that should not be overlooked.

Surely you will need:

  • deeds of origin
  • APE energy certification
  • certification of the compliance of the electrical system (if obtained, otherwise, otherwise expect a lower price)
  • certification of the gas system
  • documentation on any loans or mortgages of which your apartment could be burdened.

These documents will also be requested by the notary, so since sooner or later you will have to prepare them, it is certainly better to think about them immediately so as to provide an impression of transparency and efficiency to your potential buyer.

For now I'd say that's it! I hope my advice is useful to you and that you are able to sell your apartment in the best possible way! And if you live in Milan and you want the contact details of the real estate agent I used in my sale, you can write to me at [email protected]

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