Rare butterflies

Rare butterflies

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Rare and beautiful butterflies, but not necessarily, there are butterflies also brown and insignificant which are however rare, like similarly some rare butterflies are not beautiful at all and we can observe them simply by taking a walk in the park closest to home. Butterflies, you need to know where to find them, especially if they are night butterflies

There are hundreds of thousands of butterflies, there are more than 250,000 species, from the smallest Brephidium exilis, to the "giant" Ornithoptera Alexandrae, Queen Alexandra's butterfly. In between there are many common butterflies and some rare butterflies, to be protected and to know. For example the moth of the genus Calyptra, known for its power to vampirize mammals with its trunk. It lives in the Urals, in Asia, and also feeds on blood. There are other less grim examples of rare butterflies, such as those that travel great distances such as marathon runners, le Vanessa Cardui, also flying over our Europe.

Rare butterflies

Let's see some examples of species considered rare and at the same time interesting to tell. There is the Diaethria Clymena, for example, which has white stripes on its wings that draw the number 88. Really very particular, it lives in central Europe and feeds on decaying fruit.

The Emerald, also known as Papilio Palinurus, is among the most colorful in the world: it sports green wings with blue and yellow reflections up to 10 cm, it flies from parts of Malaysia to Indonesia and the Philippines. In South America we find the Giant Owl, rare and large, but which lives very little, maximum 150 days.

Rare butterflies in the world

How to compete among the rarest, among rare butterflies that struggle every day for the conservation of their species? From month to month numbers and environmental conditions change, not to mention that the habitat of rare butterflies is often threatened by the presence of man and the damage it causes.

Dark and brown, but among the rarest, there is the butterfly Dead leaf. His true name is Kallima Inaco, it is good at disguising itself but unfortunately it is not enough to guarantee a long and prolific life. This butterfly is particular, a little emblematic in its nature, because if in the upper part of the wings it is brown, insignificant if not ugly, in the lower one it hides bright colors, including blue, white and orange like a creature typical of the tropical forests of Asia where it actually lives.

Said "Glass wings" there Greta Oto it has transparent wings that make it almost invisible to many predators, moreover it migrates from Mexico or Colombia, up to Florida, covering not trivial distances. Transparent wings also for Sylphina Angel, Chotinea Sylphina, rare butterfly that lives nearby in South America and feeds on flowers rich in nectar.

Same area, another butterfly, always among the rare ones: the Zebra Longwing, the official butterfly of Florida, but which actually lives in South America and lives about 6 months. Flying maybe it crosses the Blue morph, big and blue, of course, with wings even 15 cm! In addition to color and size, the odor it releases from the glands when threatened is also particular.

Moving to South Asia, among the rare butterflies we find the Peacock Pansy, (Junonia Almana), with its large eyes imprinted on the wings that are almost hypnotic. A species endangered by the insecticides used against mosquitoes.

Rarest butterfly in Italy

In Italy there are several butterflies, some even rare, including the Apollo (Parnassius Apollo), with the white body covered with eye-shaped spots on the wings. In addition to our country, it also flies to Spain and France but it is always rare, very rare, so much so that it is considered one of the most endangered butterfly species in all of Europe. For an overview of the Italian butterflies we refer you to the dedicated article

Rare butterfly disease

It is not a butterfly, and it is more unpleasant than the most horrible butterfly imaginable. Is called children's butterfly syndrome and is a rare genetic disease which causes a strong fragility of the skin. Like that of a butterfly's wings. Those who suffer from it, often children, become covered with mucous membranes and blisters, blisters and lesions due to the detachment of the skin.

The problem lies above all in the fact that from this, they can arise infections, pain, loss of fluids, imbalances in blood parameters, scarring and even skin cancers can follow.

Another phenomenon that takes the name of butterflies but which does not involve them is the butterfly effect, do you know him? If not, read on here!

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