How to whiten your teeth

How to whiten your teeth

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How to whiten your teeth: natural and non-natural remedies to whiten teeth quickly. Cost of dentist treatment, whitening pen and DIY.

Today we will see in detail how to whiten your teeth with natural and non-natural methods.

How to have white teeth: cost of treatment at the dentist

Everyone wishes to have white teeth and brilliant. Traditional treatments for whiten your teeth at the dentistthey can be effective but can also cause problems such as pain in the teeth or hypersensitivity.

Thedentist, in fact, for itteeth whiteninguses highly concentrated solutions based on hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide). These products guarantee immediate results but can increase dental sensitivity even if only temporarily. How long does the whitening effect last? It is not permanent and the duration is subjective, let's say it can last about a year.

Not only hydrogen peroxide, today, at the dentist, it is possible to take advantage of laser technology (lasting about 2 years) or pulsating lamps. The cost of one treatment perteeth whitening at the dentistit can vary a lot from operator to operator, let's say that when it comes to laser or lamp technology it starts from 150 euros up to even more than 500 euros.

How to whiten your teeth naturally

For those who hope to whiten your teeth without too expensive treatments, here is a series of tips that are right for you.How to whiten your teeth, all the tips to have a whiter and healthier smile.

Fruit that is good for your teeth
Have you ever wondered why in the advertising of some toothpastes there is always someone who bites an apple? Crunchy fruits, just like green apples, can lift stains from teeth thanks to a natural abrasive action. They act like a completely natural toothbrush. Not only apples but celery and carrots too! Green light for strawberries while more attention to blueberries that can stain your teeth.

Dental floss
Too many people underestimate the importance of dental floss and neglect what lies between one tooth and another. By removing the substances placed between one tooth and another, the smile will immediately appear brighter.

How is dental floss used? We explain it in this guide article where there is an example video: how to use dental floss.

When brushing your teeth, be careful to brush your gums well as well. Healthy-looking and well-groomed gums will be able to bring out your smile.

There is evidence that consuming a small amount of cheese at the end of a meal can help not only prevent tooth decay but also promote the re-mineralization of natural tooth enamel. This mechanism is made possible thanks to the calcium contained in cheeses and the same principle also applies to yogurt.

The natural sweetener contained in sugar-free gum can help prevent plaque. Xylitol also neutralizes the pH peaks of the oral cavity by helping the production of saliva and… saliva is the natural cleanser of our mouth!

How to whiten your teeth: baking soda

THE remedies for white teeth based on baking soda they are very controversial. Let's get to the point: sodium bicarbonate, yes or no?

It is true, baking soda helps to remove surface stains but in the long term it is not the ideal solution for whiten your teeth. Sodium bicarbonate appears to be too aggressive, so much so that if used too often it could damage the natural enamel of the teeth, according to Kimberly Harms of the American Dental Association.

The whitening toothpastes have a quantity of controlled abrasive substances so as not to damage the natural enamel of the teeth, then replace your classic toothpaste with one with a whitening action.

If you want to use baking soda to whiten your teeth, brush it gently on your teeth but don't do the treatment more than once a week.

Remedies to whiten teeth: those to avoid

Among others natural remedies most popular forwhiten your teeth Apple cider vinegar and lemon are recommended. If baking soda is to be used carefully, it is better to avoid the use of vinegar and lemon which, being slightly acidic, can damage the dental enamel.

How to whiten your teeth with specific products

On the market it is easy to find different products forwhiten your teeth, among those moreconsolidatedwe find the Brightely White (or analogues such as White Stripes, Absolute White ...), that is, the adhesive strips that can be applied to leave on teeth to obtain an intense white in a few days. It is a very good onedo-it-yourself whitening treatmentwhich uses the same material used in the dentists' office: hydrogen peroxide.

The result lasts a year and, as stated, there are many ad hoc products on the market, to be found both in pharmacies, in the most well-stocked supermarkets or by taking advantage of online sales. For example, on “this Amazon page” you can find whitening strips (28 strips for a 14-day treatment, to be used in the morning and in the evening) at a cost of 14.99 euros with free shipping. Here, too, the result of a single treatment is guaranteed for one year.

Whitening pen for white teeth

Another ready-to-use remedy forwhiten your teethconsists of thewhitening pen, however, this does not give a permanent but temporary result, in fact the whitening pen should be seen and used like a mascara or a lipstick: it is applied on the teeth and creates an invisible film that is able to reflect light and return a white intense.

We have written a review of the most effective and popular whitening pens on the market. To find out how it works (it costs about 9 euros) and what the results are, I refer you to the dedicated page: whitening pen, opinions.

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