Air conditioning system: tips on how to save

Air conditioning system: tips on how to save

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As soon as the sun becomes warm as well as bright and the days get longer, the desire to be able to turn on a air conditioning system check and those who have not already installed it are preparing to do so. In addition to the desire for coolness, concern can also arise about the surge in electricity consumption that a device of this type can cause. A thought that "makes you sweat cold", so here are some simple and effective tips to avoid worrying about the hot summer. Maybe al fresco but without being able to fully enjoy it.

Home air conditioning system: how to install it

It is not trivial to install a air conditioning system, not even for the technicians, because every situation is different and there are more aspects to pay attention to. Cannot proceed by default.

First of all, without going into the merits of the choice of the single machine, it must be said, however, that it is necessary to carry out or have a serious energy calculation of the rooms carried out so as not to overdo it and install a strapping air conditioning system in a studio flat. Once this is done, most of the errors that occur in installing the air conditioning system are related to its positioning. If incorrect, it can cause premature deterioration of the device itself, reducing its performance in the process.

If the air conditioning system has, for example, an outdoor unit, do not place it near obstacles or even where the sun or bad weather can damage it. At the same time, we make it easy to access it in case of maintenance or replacement, otherwise the technician on duty or us in first person at the first necessary intervention, we will go crazy!

To avoid vibrations of any kind, therefore annoying noises and damage, in the long run, we try to equip ourselves with metal supports with suitable dampers. The pipes of the air conditioning system also require attention which, in addition to being correctly sized, insulated and in accordance with the law, must not have very tight curves. A green note in all this: remember that any condensation water can be used to spray verandas or greenhouses, to wet the garden.

Domestic air conditioning system: how to save on consumption

Well installed ours air conditioning system, we try to understand how to ensure that it does not consume more than necessary, while giving us the feeling of coolness and relief for which we have sweated it so much.

In order not to waste electricity or money, it is better to opt for quality systems which, at first glance, seem too expensive, perhaps. In the long run, but not too far with the times, we will realize that investing in quality also in the field of air conditioning systems is worthwhile. So let's not play down with the energy class! And when we turn on and set our air conditioner if we have taken a new generation one, we will also find the "dehumidification" function to lower the percentage of humidity by cooling the spaces in a natural way and without consuming energy at all. Not only for the bill but also for our health, let's not exaggerate with the cold: the internal temperature must not be too lower than the internal one set by us: the maximum recommended gap is 6 degrees, also to avoid pneumonia!

Cleaning the filters at least once a year and keeping the shutters lowered during hot hours are useful measures to limit consumption as well as combining a ceiling fan with the air conditioner.

High-performance air conditioning system: the Samsung air conditioner

Among the systems present on the market today, there are some interesting ones, with many useful functions to better refresh and at the same time to limit energy consumption. A latest generation Samsung air conditioner is certainly a good choice if you want to spend a "performing" summer as devices of this type are. Let's see the most significant features to understand if they are right for us.

Equipped with WindFree cooling technology, a Samsung air conditioner does not emit direct and annoying jets but 21 thousand light jets that caress with fresh air without annoying as it will not annoy the noise during the night thanks to the “WindFree Good Sleep” mode. In addition, there is also the very convenient 2-phase WindFree mode so once the desired temperature is reached, the system automatically changes its function and simply maintains the desired climate. A nice saving of energy, in fact this type of air conditioners assure us a consumption lower than 32% thanks to the 8-pole Digital Inverter motor, silent, durable and efficient. Do not think that this affects the freshness they provide because the Fast Cooling technology cools 43% faster, thanks to the triangle shape of the air conditioner. Furthermore, the air is well distributed, optimizing "puffs" and energy.

In the era of the smart home, the remote control app is a must. For both those with Android devices and those with an iPhone, there is the possibility to program the air conditioner, check what it is doing in our absence and check the energy consumption.

If you wish to purchase a Samsung air conditioner you can do it on Desivero, a specialized website created by a group of professionals in the plumbing and bathroom furniture sector.

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