How to make salt water for marine aquariums

How to make salt water for marine aquariums

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How to make salt water for marine aquariums:instructions for self-production ofsalt water for the marine aquarium. How many grams of salt to use for each liter and useful tips.

If you are new to the world ofmarine aquariumsor are you simply tired of buying salt water at the aquarium shop near your home, in this guide I will explain how to produce sea water at home.

Buying ready-made water has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is clear, you save yourself some manpower. The disadvantages are equally clear: salt water forreef aquariumit is bought with prices ranging from 30 to 50 euro cents per liter, it is inconvenient to transport (you have to organize yourself with the cans) and above all every shopkeeper prepares it with its osmosis water and its salt. In practice, you have no guarantees on the final quality of the water that you will then put in your tank.

How to make water for marine aquariums

To prepare salt water you must have osmosis water and a mixture of salts for marine aquariums. What do you need?

  • Osmosis water
  • Salt mixture
  • Container / Tank
  • Movement pump (optional)

Can salt water be prepared with tap water? No. The use of untreated tap water with a reverse osmosis system is not recommended. The reason? In drinking water there are traces of limestone (various dissolved salts) and there may also be traces of metals. In short, if you drink it, it's not necessarily good for fish and corals! I remind you that even a small amount of copper can be fatal for your reef aquarium.

You can buy osmosis water or make it at home. If you decide to prepare it at home, you need a reverse osmosis system, the cost of the more modest system is around 50 euros. Alternatively, osmosis water can be bought at prices ranging from 20 to 30 euro cents per liter.

We have clarified that the first ingredient to prepare salt water is osmosis water, that is, water free of suspended particles or dissolved salts.

The second key ingredient is themixture of salts. You know well that the salinity of your aquarium water is mainly linked to the presence of sodium chloride in dissociated form, but this is not the only salt that characterizes the waters of the sea.

On the market you can find a large number of formulations, all more or less valid. In fact, each manufacturer launches two lines of salt on the market, the first basic, more generic for fish and corals and the second richer in trace elements and other trace elements to make it more specific for reef aquariums.

How many grams of salt to use to make water for marine aquariums?

The grams per liter depend. Yes, it all depends on the type of salt you buy and also on the state of conservation. Salt, in fact, if it absorbs moisture will tend to weigh more so if stored in humid areas, you will have to use more salt than stated on the label.

I personally prepare the water for the marine aquarium using the Coral Pro salt of the Red Sea. As I said, each house has a "basic" line and a "specific for reef aquarium" and Coral Pro salt is enriched with trace elements in order to return high quality water.

Where to buy Coral Pro salt? At "this Amazon page" "this Amazon page" you can find Coral Pro salt in different purchase formats (7, 22 or 25 kg). The starting price is around 32 euros. Not bad if you calculate that at the various retailers the lowest price you get is around 38 euros. The Red Sea itself produces a salt less rich in trace elements, perfect if there are only fish and soft corals in the marine aquarium, but less suitable for supporting the limestone skeleton of sps and lps hard corals. The cost is much lower, in fact on "this Amazon page" a 4 kg pack can be bought at a price of 16.70 euros with free shipping.

How much salt to use to make salt water for the marine aquarium?

In the case of Coral Salt pro, although the manufacturer indicates to use 33 grams per liter, my advice is to use 36 grams per liter because only in this way I can obtain a salinity between 1025 - 1026, ideal for corals lps and sps.

This salt, in addition, has iron oxides and other micorelements able to neutralize phosphates and nitrates and thus support the balance of the reef aquarium. Due to the iron oxides, you may notice small brown formations on the skimmer: by touching them you will understand that they are not diatoms! Do not worry, it means that the iron oxides have reacted with the phosphates neutralizing them and will soon disappear thanks to the action of filtering and skimming.

The triad, considering a salinity of 33 ppt (measured with a refractometer) will see values, for a liter of water prepared with Coral Pro, of:

  • 450 ppm of Calcium
  • 1340 ppm of Magnesium
  • KH 12.2

Perfect parameters to guarantee the growth of hard corals. After preparing the salt, always check the salinity of the water obtained and, possibly, after each water change, do the tests to measure calcium levels, magnesium and KH tests. In this regard, I invite you to read the article: How to measure the salinity of water.

How is salt water prepared?

Just add the appropriate amount of salt to the water and mix. If, on the other hand, you use a closed tank, you can place the movement pump inside as long as you don'tturnfor over 4 hours.

From personal experience I tell you that salt, when of good quality, dissolves quite quickly, so you just have to mix it while adding the salt.

In the photo above, a detail from my reef aquarium. If you liked this article you can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or see more photos on Instagram.

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