Whitening pen: opinions and review

Whitening pen: opinions and review

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Whitening pen: opinions and adviceon which one to use and where to buy it. How it works and things to know before using thepen to whiten teeth.

Having bright, white and bright teeth is now everyone's dream, so the big brands such as Colgate, Mentadent, Blanx and many others, have well thought of launching products on the market not forclean your teeth, but forwhiten them. There are those who propose whitening with abrasive particles, those who exploit themwhitenersof dental offices but at low concentrations and who, on the other hand, rewrote the rules by launching on the market ofwhitening pensto be used like make-up.

Whitening pen, does it work?

What does it mean? That the effect ofwhitening pen(regardless of the manufacturer) it is not permanent and has a variable hold based on various factors, just like a lipstick! Excessive salivation, the habit of often passing the tongue over the teeth, chewing and many small daily actions, can wash away the layer ofWhitethat you applied a few hours before and make the use of the whitening pen.

If you are expecting long-lasting results, then I'll tell you right away that no whitening pen works. If you have decided tobuy a whitening pen, know that you have to consider it like a mascara or a lipstick, to put on your teeth before going out. This concept is perhaps less difficult to understand for boys who are not used to make up!

Therepen for whitening teethit manages to return immediate results precisely because its actionwhiteningit is not linked to a gradual cleaning or a treatment, but to a viscous material which, when spread on the teeth, makes them brighter, brighter and whiter.

Whitening pen, opinions and where to buy it

The whitening pen can be bought in the most well-stocked supermarkets or using Amazon where, in general, they are also cheaper. For example, from Carrefur laMentadent White Now Touch whitening penyou buy it for 13 euros while on Amazon you can buy it with 9.60 euros and free shipping.

For all the information and to read the reviews of users who have tried it, I refer you to "this Amazon page".

Theopinions of those who bought and used theWhite Now whitening penare important to create expectations but unfortunately not everyone has understood how the really works Mentadent whitening penas well as many others "feathers that make white teeth"On the market.

Mentadent whitening pen: personal review

I can say that, after trying it, the Mentandent White Now Touch whitening penit really manages to restore brighter and whiter teeth, but the results are appreciated above all in well-lit rooms or outdoors. The reason?

The ingredients used in theMentadent whitening penthey are not white pigments or dyes like lipsticks. The ingredients used modify the absorption and reflectance of light, in order to create an optical effect with colors ranging in pure white in natural light (so if you are outdoors with the sun) and in Pearl White if you are in a closed environment with neon or led light.

If I had to do mine review personal to the product, I would say that it is valid:whitensreally teeth! However, I would warn him for the estate: it is enough for an evening but not for the whole day! Furthermore, for me who have a problem of excessive salivation, it is impossible to appreciate its hold on the lower teeth, so I found myself with shiny white upper teeth and lower teeth that after a few hours have regained their natural color.

The strong point of Mentadent White Now is also its weak point: not containing abrasive particles it only gives a temporary effect, so it can really be considered like a lipstick.

Teeth whitening pen, opinions

As stated, that of Mentadent is not the only one whitening penon the market, a product that uses calcium carbonate and exerts a very light abrasive action is the whitening pen Clinodent anti-plaque, the results are appreciated immediately and, combined with good oral hygiene, are more lasting. Again forreviews and opinionsof those who have had the opportunity to test the product, I refer you to "this Amazon page" where thewhitening penand the applicator (with a replacement head) can be purchased at a price of 15.90 euros with free shipping. It is a very different whitening treatment that should be used once a week to avoid damaging the tooth enamel. The results are appreciated immediately.

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