Green roof, cost and how to do it

Green roof, cost and how to do it

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Green roof, cost and how to do it: from the necessary permits to the price per square meter to create a walkable green roof or just a cover.

Green roof, how to do it

Speak aboutDIY green roofit would be a serious mistake. The design and installation of agreen roofthey are governed by the Uni 11235 standard and there is no lack of guidelines dictated byMinistry of the Environment. If you are wonderinghow to make a green roof, I invite you to read up on the most suitable plants, the possibilities offered by a extensive or intensive green roof and discuss each possibility with an experienced designer.

Thereconstruction of a green roofit must be left to qualified personnel as it requires technical skills. Also be wary of "improvised firms". Who performs the work and prepares you onegreen roof on the house roof, must be able to certify the intervention with adeclaration of conformityto the reference standards. In practice he will have to issue you a certificate in which he certifies that everything has happened in accordance with and arule of art,like what a company would do in building an electrical or thermo-hydraulic system!

Another fundamental step: before asking yourselfhow to make a green roof, ask your municipality of residence if they existlandscape, historical or architectural constraints, in certain areas of Italy, in fact, it is not possible to usegreen roofs.

Walkable green roof

Before you seehow much does a green roof cost, it is important to clarify that there are two types of green roof and the costs are also linked to this. In fact, we speak ofintensive or extensive green roof.

To be clear, the extensive green roof can be seen as a thin cover given by a turf on the roof, like cultivating the lawn on the roof of the house! The intensive green roof, on the other hand, is comparable to setting up a real garden on the roof of the house!

In addition, I often read the term "walkable green roof". In reality, the walkable green roof can only be built on floors or roofs that have a capacity that is suitable for use. If the roof of your house is made only for the occasional passage (it means that it is walkable, that is, practicable for the maintenance of the TV antenna but it is not liveable!) You cannot aspire to create aroof gardenif you don't do some renovations first.

If the roof of your house is walkable but not liveable, then the green roof you intend to install will be too. Here, also for this reason it is important to consult a technician so as to understand the real capacity of your roof and understand what you can do with it.

Intensive green roof and extensive green roof

There green cover simpler and cheaper, which can also be built on an accessible (walkable) and non-livable roof, is given by extensive green roof.

The extensive green roof has onethicknessranging from 10 to 15 cm.How much does an extensive green roof cost?? The total cost, on average, ranges from 30 to 40 euros per square meter. Furthermore, the extensive green roof needs only two maintenance operations per year.

Who wants a realhouse roof gardenhowever, he will have to budget for a cost greater. If the facility is livable, it is possible to design aintensive green roof.

The intensive green roof not only has a higher initial cost but also requires constant maintenance (even daily), just like you would do with the classic garden outside the home. Theextensive green roofsaw a thickness of 10 - 15 cm, instead with the typeintensivethe thicknesses are by no means negligible. It ranges from a minimum of 20 cm up to 80 cm. In the simpler set-ups theweightit can reach equally important figures. For example, for a basic set-up we speak of a minimum weight of 180 kg / m2. The assumed weight is the basic one, with a higher turf. For a realroof gardenit is possible to estimate, on average, a total weight of 350 kg / m2 or higher values ​​(700 kg / m2) if you also intend to grow shrubs and small trees. Keep in mind that if the turf of theextensive green roofit can thrive with a full thickness of 15 cm, some shrubs and saplings, to safely develop a good root system, need 80 cm of thickness. Not a small job and a load! With the maximum loads mentioned you will be able to cultivate a real roof garden with saplings with a maximum height of 2 - 3 meters.

This is why a specialized technician must carefully evaluate the conditions of the roof before being able to design a green area.

How much does it cost to build a roof garden?The price of onegreen roof intensive, is on average around 65 euros / sqm.

Green roof, cost

We have clarified the average prices for an intensive or extensive green roof. It is important to clarify that, in practice, you will have to incur preliminary renovation costs for the recovery of the roof.

If your building allows it (maybe you already have a livable roof gazebo) and it has excellent load capacity, you can get to create a realroof gardenwith rolls of lawn, shrubs, trees and paths. The cost, in this case, can reach 150 euros per square meter including flower beds, wood paneling for the paths and irrigation system.

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