How to build a mobile chicken coop

How to build a mobile chicken coop

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How to build a mobile chicken coop: here's a detailed guide forbuild a DIY chicken coopwith easy to find materials. Frommobile chicken coop, wooden chicken coop until the realization of a brick hen house. Useful tips for those who want to raise chickens and hens.

Amobile chicken coopgives you the opportunity to move the hens to the less traveled area of ​​the garden. It is an easy facility toto doalso with thedo-it-yourself, it must be light and functional. Generally, the triangular-shaped mobile chicken coop takes the name of "Ark". Themobile chicken coopit is placed on the ground or on the lawn, thus giving the hens the opportunity to scratch around on the ground without them being able to move away or without going to "attack" and damage the garden beds.

Those with a large garden might consider theconstruction of a brick chicken coopbut he will then have to have a large enough grazing area or time to educate the hens to graze only within a small area, even if there is no fence. There are a large number of ready-to-use chicken shelters on the market, in this guide I will explain how to build them withdo-it-yourself.

How to build a brick chicken coop

In the guide articlehow to build a chicken coop, I explained to you how to make a brick chicken coopso as to exploit all the advantages offered by a masonry structure. In the same guide I also explained to you the constraints you will have to respect for the construction of any type of chicken coop. For the brick chicken coop you will need a permit from the municipality, to raise chickens you will always need to report to the ASL.

In addition, there are distances to be respected between the preparation of the chicken coop (in wood or brick) and the border of the property (therefore the chicken coop cannot be placed close to the border with your neighbor, even if it is of amobile chicken coop).

How to build a mobile chicken coop

Ideally, yoursDIY chicken coop made of wood, equipped with structuremobile, should be composed of a covered area, which perhaps has an opening and a base so as to allow the hens some comfort for laying eggs and setting up the nest. In this paragraph I will give you directions forbuild a mobile chicken coopbasic, then you will be the one to make any customizations based on your specific needs.

To make aDIY mobile chicken coopable to accommodate two hens, the dimensions of the base frame must be at least 180 x 80.

DIY chicken coop, you need

For your DIY wooden chicken coop, equipped with a movable structure, you will need a rectangular wooden frame, 180 x 80 (so two pieces of 80 cm wood and two pieces of 180 cm wood. Use treated and resistant wood. to atmospheric agents), of a mesh of two cm and wide enough to cover all the facades of yoursmobile chicken coop. Plywood panels. Three wooden structures with a triangular section given by three wooden slats 2 × 8 cm, as long as the panels. Two wheels. Any two plastic panels to make the closed part intended for the nest.

How to make a DIY mobile chicken coop?
First build two rectangular wooden frames of the indicated measurements. Then cover the two side faces of the frames with the wire mesh (so this too must be 180 x 80). At the front and at the bottom, attach two structures with a triangular section (another two triangular frames) and close the front side with the metal mesh.

Cover the last third of theDIY mobile chicken coopwith a treated plywood panel. This area must be covered "like a hut" with the two plywood rectangles. To make them more resistant, cover the two plywood panels with two resistant plastic panels (corrugated sheets to protect the plywood from any rain), plywood and the sheet can be joined, on the upper side, with a thin wooden stick. For this job, you just need a nail gun or wall stapler.

Finally, mount the two wheels only on the back of your chicken coop so as to facilitate movement.

In the photo above you will notice a scheme of a larger ark chicken coop, which carries three triangular frames and a slat closure. InDIY mobile chicken coopproposed there is only a front traingular frame and a closing traingular frame (one to be placed forward and one behind). The wooden slats are replaced with plywood and the measures have been adapted to be able to breed only two animals. The height of the model shown above is such as to provide a two-storey chicken coop in the closed part: the nest is set up on the upper floor and is fixed.

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