Multiplication of geranium

Multiplication of geranium

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Multiplication of geranium: likereproduce the geranium by cuttingsor with reproduction from seed. Any advice on thepropagation of geraniums.

The period best forto multiply geranium?Spring! With the rising temperatures typical of summer, we can make room formultiplication of geraniums by sowing or by cutting.

Who has many geraniums, can combine thepropagation by cuttingsto the classicpruningseasonal: select the best parts of the stem so as to use them as propagation material.

The castings taken must be robust, healthy and have an apical portion.

As for themultiplication of geranium starting from seeds, you can use purchased seeds or provide yourself, at the end of flowering, to recover the seeds from the flowers which are now fully ripe. Now I will try to explain both hypotheses to you.

Multiply geraniums with seeds

Keep in mind that if you bought geraniums at a nursery or garden center, you are faced with ahybrid cultivar, this means that the plants you will get from the seeds collected will not necessarily be identical to the mother plant.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a particular cultivar, perhaps with double flowers or particular shades, I suggest you buy seeds from specialized floral consortia or by taking advantage of the online purchase. For example, "to this Amazon page”You can find a good number of geranium varieties to grow from planting.

How to sow geraniums?You can broadcast sow in spring if you live in Southern Italy or in areas with mild winters. Otherwise you will have to sow in pots so as to bring the plants into a protected environment with the arrival of the first autumn colds. Use soft soil for sowing to irrigate, preferably, with rainwater or distilled water that you recover from the conditioner. Avoid using tap water as it is rich in limestone, limestone is a great enemy of geraniums.

When to sow geraniums?

In spring, between March and April, or between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, then between September and October.

Not all seeds collected will lead to germination, on the contrary, geranium seeds often have low germinability, so if you have more plants, collect as many seeds as possible in order to ensure an adequate number of geranium seedlings to carry on.

How to collect geranium seeds?

Let the flowers ripen on the plant, without cutting them, wait until they are completely dry: you will notice that filiform seeds are formed… here, that part you will have to collect. Unfortunately, if there is wind, the seed will be lost before ripening. If you live in a windy area, you can help yourself with a bag to place around the fully ripe flower, close the bag, wait for the flower to be completely dry to reopen the bag and extract the seeds.

Multiplication of geranium by cuttings

The geranium cutting is a method ofpropagationmuch more practical than sowing. The reason? You will be able to obtain plants identical to the mother plant and you will not have to wait for germination times.

How to multiply geranium by cuttings?Take a healthy and robust jet, 8 - 10 cm long and with 3 knots. You will need to cut exactly under the third knot - it is near the knot that the roots will sprout. What is the knot? Practically where the leaves grow.

Make a clean, clean cut. Remove the leaves from this node, as well as the middle node. Leave only the leaves of the apical area.

Formake the geranium cutting, you will need a round, small pot (diameter 6-7cm). If you want to do themultiplication of several geranium cuttingsuse a pot that is at least 12 cm large where you can root 4 or 5 cuttings.

To promote engraftment, I recommend using a product based on rhizogenic hormones (rooting hormones). In practice, before burying the cutting in the jar you will need to immerse the knot area at the base of the cutting first in water and then in a rooting powder.

Be sure to use a powder suitable for herbaceous cuttings. Rhizogenic hormones are found everywhere (nursery, agricultural consortium, garden center…) so you have the widest choice. On Amazon you can see "on this page", a good product suitable for both herbaceous and woody cuttings (therefore also for the multiplication of roses, hydrangeas, wisteria ...).

Therecutting, thus prepared, will have to be buried for 4 cm and be sure to press the soil well around the base. Thecuttings of geraniumthey should be left in a bright area but not in direct sunlight. Choose a warm place, without drafts and ... make sure you keep the soil moist.

How long does it take for the geranium cutting to root? Typically 3 to 4 weeks without rooting hormone, 2 to 3 weeks using a stimulant. Rooting hormone not only shortens rooting times but also increases the chances of taking root. After a couple of weeks, check the plants, when they sprout, you will need to transfer to a larger pot.

How to grow geraniums

For the care to be dedicated to geraniums I suggest you read the guide dedicated to the basic rules forcultivation of geraniums: how to care for geraniums.

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