Do-it-yourself Bordeaux mixture

Do-it-yourself Bordeaux mixture

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How to make Bordeaux mixture: doses and instructions on how to prepare oneDIY Bordeaux mixture to be used to take care of the vegetable garden, the vineyard and the orchard. Advice on how to get an excellent oneHomemade Bordeaux mixture without running the risk of burning the leaves.

Bordeaux mixture fungicide

ThereBordeaux mixtureit's acopper-based fungicideused both as a preventive treatment and for the treatment of particular fungal diseases.

It is a preparation obtained fromneutralizationof thecopper sulphatewith calcium hydroxide (slaked lime). Do not worry, nothing difficult to implement in domestic practice, indeed, theHomemade Bordeaux mixtureit is easy to prepare and also allows a big saving.

ThereDIY Bordeaux mixture, in fact, it is much cheaper than what we find on the market. On this page I will explainhow to make Bordeaux mixture at home, what you need, where to find copper sulphate and calcium hydroxide and above all the doses. Not only the doses for the preparation but also that for the fungicidal treatments.

Do-it-yourself Bordeaux mixture

Thecopper sulphateIt is widely used in agriculture for the treatment of all fungal diseases except for botrytis, sclerotinia and plant diseases caused by soil-borne fungi such as Verticillium and Fusarium. The soil fungi thrive, as can be guessed, in the soil and attack above all the root system. Copper sulphate, on the other hand, acts at the leaf level and in the aerial part of the plant.

If you intend to perform a treatment withBordeaux mixtureof diseases such as botrytis or sclerotinia, abandon this idea now and read the guideHow to get rid of botrytis.

What do you need to prepare theHomemade Bordeaux mixture?

  • Pure copper sulphate

You can find it in the most well-equipped garden centers, in agricultural consortia orto this Amazon page, where a 1 kg bag of pure copper sulphate can be bought with 12.90 euros and free shipping costs.

Copper sulphate is presented as water-soluble crystals and with a 1 kg bag you can prepare hectoliters of Bordeaux mixture!

It is the copper sulphate that works asfungicidebut it is extremely acidic, so if used pure, it can literally burn plant leaves. For this, in the preparation of theDIY Bordeaux mixtureyou will have todabthe acidity of copper sulphate with a strong base, that is, calcium hydroxide.

  • Calcium hydroxide or slaked lime

Unlike copper sulfate, calcium hydroxide has a very high pH and is not very soluble in water. It can also be used pure on plants (usually diluted in water) to protect the branches and trunks. Its agricultural uses are numerous, including as a fertilizer to enrich the soil with calcium and magnesium or to increase the pH of the soil.

Like copper sulphate, calcium hydroxide or slaked lime can also be bought at garden centers, agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online purchases.

TOthis Amazon page you can find a 4 kg pack of magnesian slaked lime, perfect for the preparation ofDIY Bordeaux mixture.

In addition to the two ingredients just mentioned, you will need:

  • plastic containers or simple buckets like the one seen in the photo above.
  • A piece of wood to gently mix the resulting solutions.
  • A backpack pump for spraying Bordeaux mixture on plants.

Here are thedosesand the procedure to follow.

How to make homemade Bordeaux mixture

Dissolve 20 grams of copper sulfate in 800 ml of water.

Dissolve 10 - 13 grams of slaked lime in 200 ml of water.

Combine the two aqueous solutions and mix.

You have thus obtained yoursHomemade Bordeaux mixture.

Bordeaux mixture doses for the treatment of fungal diseases

Thedosesthey must not be excessive. Calculate that you won't have to leave thoseblue dropstypical ofverdigrisdistributed in excess! ThereBordeaux mixturein fact, it must be distributed wisely and evenly over the entire surface of the plant to be treated, that is to say, also on the upper and lower side of the leaf.

As regards thedoses, theDIY Bordeaux mixturemade as I explained above, it is well concentrated, so you just need 10 ml of solution to add to each liter of water to perform a treatment aimed at eliminating the fungal disease in the early stages. The treatment should be performed every 15 days and preferably after heavy rains or early in the morning, when the leaves are still damp with dew.

For the other uses of calcium hydroxide, I recommend that you read the guide dedicated to the use ofslaked lime in agriculture.

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