Strawberry tree honey

Strawberry tree honey

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Strawberry tree honey: properties, production (how to do it) and information on Sardinian strawberry tree honey. Price and where to buy it.

Strawberry tree honey, sore throat

To cure thesore throatit is possible to prepare a drink based on strawberry tree honey. How you do it? Heat 300 ml of water (about a cup) add two level spoons of strawberry tree honey, stir to make it dissolve completely. With the fire off, add the juice of half a lemon and consume hot. This honey-based drink is a real panacea for sore throats and other airway diseases.

Strawberry tree honey flavor

Thestrawberry tree honeyhas a very intense amber color and a flavor less sweet than the much more common wildflower honey. Because of its purity and because of its flavor particular (bitter-sweet) is one of the unifloral honeys most appreciated by connoisseurs.

Arbutus honey, how it's done

How to make strawberry tree honey? It is important to specify that we are talking aboutunifloral honeywhen this comes mainly from the nectar collected from a single botanical species. The nectar and pollen used for the production of a unifloral honey must be sufficient to characterize its organoleptic (aromatic profile) and microscopic (molecular profile) properties.

In other words, forproduce strawberry tree honeybees must have extensive crops of strawberry trees available. This situation, in Italy, occurs above all in the regional territory of Sardinia; for this reason, theSardinian strawberry tree honeyit is undoubtedly the most popular within the Italian border. In addition, special beekeeping techniques are adopted to increase the purity of the honey.How to make strawberry tree honey? This question should only be asked by a beekeeper. Bees collect nectar from plants, in this case from strawberry trees, and then process this delicious sugary product, honey.

A beekeeper intent on aproduce strawberry tree honeyhe will have to ask himself about the amount of soil he has available to grow an strawberry tree. In the context of a farm, the production of strawberry tree honey can be associated with the transformation of strawberry trees into jam (strawberry jam) and the direct sale of the fruit. Recall that strawberry trees are difficult to market because they must be harvested when they are ripe and are highly perishable. These are the factors that make thestrawberry tree honeydifficult to find and above all that justify theprice.

Organic strawberry tree honey

We talk about organic strawberry tree honey when foraging bees can collect nectar and pollen from organically grown strawberry trees.

Before wondering how to make strawberry tree honey, beekeepers should ask themselves how to grow strawberry tree.

Arbutus honey, properties and benefits

It is very common to attribute specific benefits related to the plant of origin to a single flower honey. This is only partially true. For example, the arbutus (the fruits of arbutus) are rich in vitamin C but this does not mean that honey will be too. In theory, the same active ingredients contained in thestrawberry tree flowersthey should be found in honey but there is no laboratory evidence for this. What is certain is that the aromatic compounds that characterize strawberry tree nectar and pollen make the product processed by bees (honey) particularly valuable and appreciated for its particularflavor.

It is common opinion to assume that thestrawberry tree honeymay include anti-flu, antioxidant and antihistamine properties, in line with the properties of strawberry tree flowers.

Arbutus honey, price and where to buy it

Where to buy strawberry tree honey? In specialized shops, during beekeeping fairs or taking advantage of online sales. At “this Amazon address” there is no shortage of various proposals. I recommend choosing aSardinian strawberry tree honey (produced in Sardinia).

The price? It really depends on the season and on the manufacturer. The high autumn drought of recent years is making the production of strawberry tree honey even lower and bringing price of the product skyrocketing. Too intense winds, drought and abrupt climate changes make it difficult to produce strawberry tree honey because foraging bees (those involved in collecting pollen and nectar from strawberry trees) find themselves having to face impervious weather conditions. No longer in line with the gradual changes of the season.

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