Pedal washing machine

Pedal washing machine

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There pedal washing machine is a nice green idea that has been working on since 2012, which allows save water resources and electricity.

There pedal washing machine in fact it does not need electricity and if you are thinking that hand washing can also give you the same advantages, you are wrong: with hand washing, yes wastes much more water and it takes longer. There pedal washing machine it is able to wash an entire load in a fraction of time that can be compared to that used by a conventional washing machine.

Pedal washing machine: GiraDora

The first model of pedal washing machine that seemed to have to reach commercialization was called GiraDora.

Here are the original drawings of the product:

GiraDora it was designed above all with a view to being sold in developing countries, also due to its target market price of only 40 dollars.

Unfortunately, the project seems to have stopped in 2015 before reaching the commercialization phase. The official Facebook page: is in fact "stopped" in April 2015 and the last post states that the product is still under development and not yet on sale.

Pedal washing machine: Drumi by Yirego

The idea of ​​GiraDora seems to have been collected and translated into a product that has finally entered the production phase called Drumi, marketed by the Canadian company Yirego.

Here is the official product presentation video:

The product can be ordered today with EXPECTED delivery for spring / summer 2018 on the official website:

However, the price has risen to as much as 299 US $ (!!!). A big difference compared to the $ 40 expected for GiraDora!

OneConcept SG003 low consumption electric washing machine

At this point, at least to date, it would seem even more convenient to focus on electric current-powered but low-consumption and small-sized washing machines, such as the OneConcept SG003. Here is a picture:

OneConcept SG003 washing machine

In this case the product is already on sale on Amazon (and therefore can be purchased with the usual "satisfied or refunded" guarantee) at the discounted price of 69.99 euros. Here is the link to the product sheet with photos and all the information on features and functions.

We are still waiting to try a pedal washing machine Yirego or others that will be produced to write a review based on a real test so as to give you our opinion based on facts as we usually do.

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