Soap nuts, what are they for

Soap nuts, what are they for

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Soap nuts, what are they forand especially, they work really? Here is all the information on where to find them and how to use them.

Also known aswash all nuts, in this article we will give you theopinionsof those who have already experienced them and above all, we explain what they are, how they are used and how they work.

Walnuts or soap nuts, what are they

Thewash all nutsare the ones you see in the photo above, what are they? The dried fruits of the tree speciesSapindus Mukorossi. When these fruits come into contact with warm or hot water, they release natural saponins, carrying out a degreasing / cleaning action. These saponins not only perform a degreasing action but also an antibacterial and disinfectant action.

Even if in our areas they are spreading only recently (in fact in supermarkets it is still difficult to find them), thewash all nutsthey have always been used in India and Nepal.

As these are fruits, they do not pollute, do not release allergenic agents on the garments and do not harm human health.

Walnuts or soap nuts, what are they for

What are they for? In Nepal they are used like soap, in practice they are used from personal hygiene to laundry, from household cleaning to washing dishes.

Wash walnuts or soap nuts, do they work?

Yes, thewash nuts workreally but we have to make some premises. If you are looking for opinions, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for here.

When it comes to natural remedies, many users have no idea what they are up to and so they can be disappointed or misuse the product. I'll explain.

All housewives are used to using hyper-aggressive products, rich in foaming agents, irritating fragrances for the skin, volatile compounds that damage the health of the respiratory tract…. but products that apparently seem to work. Now, you need to know that:

  • thesoap nutsDO NOT smell
    that nice clean scent that the detergent gives is linked to volatile compounds that irritate your airways and can even cause chronic diseases!
  • Thesoap nutsDO NOT foam
    these are natural saponins, they do not contain artificial foaming agents that can pollute the environment and harm human health.
  • Thesoap nutsthey disinfect in a natural way
    yes, they perform a disinfectant action but do not have the biocidal aggressiveness of sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

So, yes, thesoap nuts workbut you don't have to compare them to a dose of aggressive detergent because ... they are nothing more than dried fruits! Natural, harmless fruits that certainly won't harm your health. Here are some of mine opinions that will lead you to make the most of the virtues of this natural product without falling into trivial criticisms.

Soap nuts, how to use them for laundry

Many vendors offer soap nutsin bags to use in the washing machine, it is an inulte accessory. Fordo the laundry you just need to add the soap nuts in an old sock to tie.

Calculate that if there are stubborn stains, it is best to pre-treat (as you would also with the old detergent).

If you put the nuts in bulk, they could even stain your clothes, so avoid.

For smart use, just drop 6 soap nuts into an old sock and then drop them into the washing machine drum and start washing without rinsing. Make sure you use a temperature of at least 40 ° C. Experts also say 30 ° C, maybe use 30 ° C only with lightly soiled laundry.

To remedy the problem of missing perfume, add a few drops of essential oil to the laundry. Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant, while lemon essential oil or mint essential oil can add a nice fresh scent.

Note, depending on the washing cycle, you can use them two or three times before throwing them into the organic waste bin.

How to use walnuts for washing dishes

Here it is more difficult because you should use boiling water. Let's say thewash all nutsthey are suitable for many things but a little less for dishes. Try it by inserting them into your socks to use as a sponge or to rub directly on the dishes to be washed.

Soap nuts for shampoo

You can achieve onediy shampoostarting with a 2 glasses of water and 10 walnuts. How to do? Boil 2 glasses of water, leaving the soap nuts to infuse. Boil for 5 minutes. Turn off and leave to infuse for 8 hours. Use this liquid solution as a natural shampoo. The same solution can be enriched with oils and intended for various uses such as cleaning floors or to clean plant leaves.

Soap nuts, where to find them

As stated, it is not easy to find them in supermarkets. You can buy walnuts by taking advantage of the online purchase. There is no shortage of cheap proposals on Amazon, even with 1 kg packs.

For the price and information, I refer you to this Amazon page. Choose the product that convinces you the most, they are dried fruits and therefore respect more or less the same quality.

They generally suggest that you read theopinionsof those who have experienced the product but not in this case! As I anticipated, many people don't have one"Ecological culture"and expect thenuts natural wash-allproduce foam and perfumes like the detergent you find at the supermarket :)

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