Herbal tea to digest

Herbal tea to digest

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Herbal tea to digest: recipes for the best herbal teas to improve digestion, metabolism and stomach ailments (nausea, heartburn…). Here are the best natural remedies for difficult digestion.

Digestive problems are many, on this page I will tell you how to prepare excellent natural remedies with herbal teas. In particular:

  • Herbal tea against nausea
  • Herbal tea against indigestion (herbal tea to digest)
  • Herbal tea against difficult digestion linked to nervousness
  • Herbal tea against heartburn

Natural remedies based on herbs, roots and herbal preparations can be a real godsend to cure those small ailments that weigh down your days. Let's see some recipes together.

Herbal tea to digest

Let's start immediately fromherbal tea to digestpar excellence, the one based onginger and lemon. Ginger is recommended in case of difficult digestion related to nausea. For the recipe and use, I refer you to the page:ginger and lemon herbal tea.The one based on ginger and lemon is not the only oneherbal tea to digestavailable.

Infusion of Chamomile and lemon peel

Between remedies to aid digestionchamomile cannot be missing. The classic chamomile infusion can be enriched with lemon juice even if the true healing virtues are contained in the zest. Lemon zest is rich in digestive properties.

Forhelp difficult digestionyou can put some lemon peel (organic, untreated) to infuse in hot water, with chamomile. Be careful to take only the yellow part of the peel because the white part would make your infusion bitter.

If you have digestive difficulties and often feel weighted down after lunch, lemon essential oil could be the ideal remedy. You can dilute it in any herbal tea. The only precaution I ask of you is to add a few drops when the herbal tea is warm and not hot.

Where to buy lemon essential oil?
This ingredient can be found in the most well-stocked herbalists or pharmacies, or you can buy it using the online purchase. For example, a 30 ml bottle can be bought on Amazon at a price of 15.80 euros with shipping costs included in the price. For all information on the product, I invite you to visit "this Amazon page “.

Warning! Before buying lemon essential oil at a herbalist's shop or on other online stores, make sure that it is essential oil for "internal use or therapeutic use". If not clearly specified, it may be essential oil for cosmetic use that is not suitable for ingestion.

Herbal teas to improve difficult digestion

As stated, you may suffer from other symptoms related to difficult digestion such as heartburn, swollen belly, nausea ... A good natural remedy for nausea is given by ginger, as I have already mentioned. In this section, I'll list other simple herbal recipes to improve digestion!

In case of difficult digestion and a feeling of nausea, a infusion of mint may be the best solution. Mint has digestive properties and relieves the feeling of nausea. Careful, you have to avoid thisherbal teaif you suffer from ulcers. In case of nausea and difficult digestion, even in this case you can get help from a good essential oil. For all the properties, this time, I refer you to an in-depth article:mint essential oil for internal use.

To relieve nausea and difficult digestion you can prepare one digestive herbal tea made with cinnamon and lemon zest. Cinnamon is never used alone in herbal teas because it has a very strong flavor, so you can combine it with mint decoction, ginger tea or even chamomile.

Between natural remedies for difficult digestionof nervous origin, heartburn, nervous gastritis and, in general, nervousness, the most popular is an infusion of lemon balm. Lemon balm has virtues digestive, relaxing, helps to relax the smooth muscles of the stomach so as to relieve nervous tension after lunch. It also relieves heartburn. To prepare a lemon balm infusion, just add a tablespoon of dried leaves in boiling water and strain after 10 minutes. You can enrich this digestive herbal tea with lemon zest or lemon essential oil.

An excellent herbal tea to digest that also helps prevent kidney stones is the one at Stonebreaker. Have you ever tasted it?

Summer herbal teas to digest

These samenatural remedies to aid difficult digestionthey can also be adopted in summer. Instead of boiling the water, heat it and extend the infusion time. Let the herbal tea cool to room temperature and finally serve it with a little ice. The digestive herbal teas they are also effective in summer!

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