How to use the microwave

How to use the microwave

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How to use the microwave: instructions for using the conventional or combined microwave. What can be cooked in the microwave and how to use it for defrosting, reheating or cooking.

If you are trying to understand how to use the microwave you are in the right place! Remember that with the microwave oven, in addition to heating and defrost the foods, you can provide cooking.

There cooking in the microwave it is no faster than the more classic boiling, it must be said, however, that with microwave oven you cut the time needed to boil the water and it is possiblesteam cooking.

How to use the microwave

Before you see what can you cook in the microwave, let's see what are the dishes that are best cooked with traditional methods, both for a question of the final result of the dish, and for an energy question.

  • Avoid cooking risottos.
  • Avoid cook in the microwave the desserts they need gilding.
  • Bread and pizza can be heated but not cooked, traditionally these foods require cooking by radiation, so they go in the traditional oven or at most in thecombined microwave.
  • Avoid mixed cooking, half with stove and half with microwave, they are very wasteful both in terms of energy and in terms of time.

The microwave can be very useful fordefrost frozen foodand forheat upthe dishes. Below we will see the power to be set for defrosting and for heating.

For detailed instructions: How to cook pasta and rice in the microwave

Microwave, how to use it to bake desserts

As stated, they cannot be used in the microwave to cook desserts that require a certain leavening or browning.

The only desserts that can be cooked in the microwave are the classic chocolate cakes, shortbread biscuits, caprese and panettone. Usually, for cook desserts in the microwave you set the cooking at 800 Watt followed by the grill mode for 1 minute, even better if it is thecombined microwave.

What can be cooked in the microwave

here are themicrowave cooking timesof those foods that you can to cook in this type of oven.

  • For cooking in the microwave a whole fish, 7-8 minutes at 600 watts will be enough, although the intensity varies according to the size of the fish.
  • For cooking meat in the microwave, a power of 360 watts is recommended.
  • For cooking vegetables, a power of 600 watts is recommended.
  • If you want to reheat or cook pre-cooked lasagna, to avoid an excessively soft consistency, at the end of cooking set the grill mode for a couple of minutes.
  • If you want to prepare an omelette, you can do it with the microwave oven avoiding frying, even in this case at the end of cooking you can set the grill mode.
  • All foods that have a skin - tomatoes, potatoes, sausages ... - must be pricked before being placed in the microwave. For this reason, it is not possible to cook hard boiled eggs in the microwave, they would explode.
  • The microwave enhances the flavor of the salt and the aromas, so use them in moderation.

How to use the microwave combination oven

Thecombined microwave oven, generally, it integrates electrical resistances that can be activated in addition to the microwave. Thecombi ovenoften involves different types of heating where, however, the microwave power is limited to a narrower range (generally from 90 to 400 watts).

Therecombined cooking between microwavesand conventional oven requires you to choose:

  • Type of conventional oven heating (grill, resistance, ventilation ...)
  • Conventional oven heating temperature
  • Microwave power
  • Duration of cooking

How to use the microwave oven to defrost or reheat food

The power to be set varies according to the dish and the quantities.

To defrost delicate dishes, it is recommended to set a power of 90 100 watts.

To defrost and / or continue cooking precooked foods, a power of 180 watts must be set.

To heat delicate dishes, a power of 360 watts must be set.

To heat any dish, you can set a power of 600 watts.

To heat soups, milk, soups, water for tea… you can set the maximum power (900 - 1000 watts).

How to use the microwave

Here is a series of general tips onuse of the microwaveboth for heating and cooking food.

  • To save electricity, we recommend that you deactivate the standby mode of the microwave when it is not in use (if you don't know how to do it, simply unplug!).
  • In microwave oven aluminum or other metal containers should never be used.
  • Do not operate the microwave when the oven it's empty.
  • In microwave oven glass or porcelain can go without any decoration but also plastic containers with the appropriate symbol indicating microwave cooking.
  • To heat food (bread, pizza ...) it is better to cover them with parchment paper or wrap them completely with kitchen paper.
  • Do not put hermetically sealed containers in the microwave.
  • If you use the "grill " plastic containers cannot be used. Plastic should be banned when using thecombined microwave.

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