Poor circulation in the legs, natural remedies

Poor circulation in the legs, natural remedies

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Poor circulation in the legs: the most effective solutions, the most suitable natural remedies to improve poor circulation and activate the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Poor circulation in the legs is a very common problem among women, especially after the age of 40: with the passage of time, the arteries become harder therefore, the peripheral circulation is subject to some disturbance.

Changing some daily habits is vital if we want to prevent, treat or reduce poor circulation. It can be a bit annoying at first, but in the end you will have positive results.

Poor circulation in the legs, what remedies

When symptoms such as burning, heaviness in the legs, painful cramps, tingling, swelling and edema occur, we are in the presence of the first clear symptoms of a circulatory defect. The consequences can be skin and capillary alterations visible in the mildest cases up to real pathologies such as in the case of varicose veins or ulcerations.
It is possible to remedy the first signs of poor circulation; just change some wrong lifestyle habits and use the remedies that natural medicine offers us.

Change your posture

For those who do office work, it is advisable to get up frequently from the desk and walk a little. If the disorder is quite severe, it is preferable to rest the legs on a chair and keep them slightly raised for at least 30 minutes
If you are forced to stand still all day, it is good to try to sit for a few minutes every hour or maybe take a few steps.

During long journeys by plane or train, use foot rests and get up from your seat as much as possible. If you make very long journeys by car, make "technical" stops at least every hour


You don't need to do competitive physical activity; short daily walks are enough. If you have enough free time and you are not lazy, you can swim, join the gym or maybe go for a bike ride.

Light and prolonged exercise is essential for the lymphatic and circulatory systems to be activated. Any exercise that involves the legs helps circulation. Try any activity that keeps them moving.

Drink liquids

A good way to counteract poor circulation in the legs is to drink fluids. In this way, we will eliminate toxins through the urine.

It is important to ingest water, natural juices and herbal infusions. For poor circulation, infusions based on horsetail, fennel, cucumber or rosemary are recommended as they are very diuretic. Avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks and coffee, because they have the opposite effect.
Don't forget to drink 2 liters of water and increase it to 3 when it's hot or if you play sports.

Raise your legs

A good way to counteract poor circulation is to keep your legs raised periodically. For example, when you sit on the sofa to watch TV, you can put your heels on a chair. When you go to sleep, lie down with your feet on the headboard or wall for a few minutes. To sleep, you can place a few pillows under the calves. The idea is to make the legs stand higher than the heart.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

They are rich in water and nutrients, therefore perfect for counteracting water retention and poor circulation in the legs. When our diet is characterized by proteins and fats, the lymphatic system becomes overloaded and does not work as it should. Eliminate all foods that cause the exchange of fluids to collapse. As much as possible, make sure that fruit and vegetables are raw or in season.

Cold shower

Before leaving the bathroom, direct a jet of cold water on your legs. Alternate cold and hot water continuously.
This method provides immediate relief when pain and fatigue are felt.
You can also repeat the procedure in the morning to avoid the consequences of spending several hours with the limbs still in the same position.

Wear special socks

They are known as graduated compression stockings and are used a lot during long air travel. They do not compress the legs and avoid poor circulation as well as the accumulation of liquids. We also advise you to avoid pants that are too tight as they do not allow the correct venous return.

Cut back on salt and sugar

Sodium and glucose are two enemies of the lymphatic and circulatory system and, for this reason, it is of fundamental importance to reduce them. Salt increases blood pressure, promotes water retention and makes kidney function difficult. Replace it with aromatic herbs or with sea salt (in small quantities). Sugar alters insulin levels and makes us gain weight. Choose stevia, honey or carob to sweeten infusions and sweets.

Massage the legs

When you get home, you can indulge in a self-massage session to improve poor circulation in the legs.

Once you have finished the shower, using the technique of alternating cold and hot water, put drops of rosemary essential oil on your hands and vigorously rub the lower limbs from the toes to the thighs.
Finally, keep your legs raised for at least half an hour.

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