How to reduce water consumption

How to reduce water consumption

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Know how to reduce water consumption it is the first step to roll up our sleeves and start making our contribution for a present, not just for a better future. There are many small important gestures that, day after day, also make a difference in the consumption of water and those who live in places where it is not lacking are not authorized to "not care". In addition to good habits, as we will see, it is essential to look after the quality of your devices. When they have the right characteristics they are allies in the fight against the waste of water resources.

How to reduce water consumption: shower instead of bath

The ancient and age-old question of the choice between shower and bathtub, so ancient that two opposite sides are created when it is discussed: those of the shower and those of the bathtub. The former are right when asking how to reduce water consumption. On balance, estimates on the average but very true, each shower "costs" 75-80 liters, with an average of 15 liters of water consumed per minute, while it takes about double it to fill a bathtub. And if the shower has a nozzle, he wins with even greater detachment.

How to reduce water consumption: aerator mixing valves

That's right, if you have jet breaker mixing valves, such as those proposed by VigorFluss, the problem of how to reduce water consumption is no longer a problem. These valves have in their nature the mission of reducing both the waste of water and money, reducing costs in the bill.

Tested by the hydraulic engineering department under the coordination of Professor Armando Carravetta, these valves, at the same pressure, produce much lower flows than other products. This translates into savings of over 250 euros per year already on the first water and electricity bill. For a Vigorfluss 4l / min aerated jet valve for taps, the water saving is 70%, for a shower valve with internal low flow 7l / min spout, it is 50%, compared to the free pipe situation.

Together with the saving of water there is also that of energy, of 26% per year for taps and 20% for the shower, another advantage of VigorFluss valves lies in the fact that they do not require particular and particularly expensive modifications to the existing hydraulic system. to which they adapt easily and quickly.

Another advantage that will prove to be really precious in everyday life is that of constant water leakage, regardless of the pressure variation. It seems a trifle but it is not at all, and we owe it to the unique design and the presence of an ad hoc pressure regulator.

From the point of view of hygiene, the VigorFluss valves, thanks to their smooth and anti-stagnation geometric profiles, prevent the formation of colonies of pathogenic bacteria, for example legionella. The material used is "special", it is a synthetic ceramic with a formula protected by trade secret, heat-resistant, water-repellent and limestone repellent. Long life, therefore, for these valves.

How to reduce water consumption: double button system for flushing the toilet

It is not the first thing to pay attention to when choosing sanitary ware and how to reduce water consumption, but it is an important element. I'm talking about the flush which, if with double button, makes us choose how much water to use and therefore when not to waste it.

The smaller drain, about 3-4 liters, and the larger one, about 6-9 liters, are the two options that can lead to a reduction in water consumption of 40-50%.

How to reduce water consumption: water the plants with water used to wash fruit and vegetables

Another interesting trick on how to reduce water consumption is what concerns our conduct in the kitchen. When we wash fruit and vegetables, where do we then throw the water? And above all, why do we throw it away when we can use it to wet our plants? Works great for indoor or balcony plants.

How to reduce water consumption: close while brushing our teeth, soaping, shampooing or shaving

Distraction is not a good ally if we are trying to understand how to reduce water consumption. This is because whenever we can, we must turn off the tap, preventing the water from running empty. While it may seem obsessive, it is not, taking into account the times that while we soap our hair or brush our teeth, the water runs empty for minutes.

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