Rhubarb: properties

Rhubarb: properties

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Rhubarb, its rhizome and root are appreciated, especially in phytotherapy and herbal medicine, because it is very useful for regulating digestion. It mainly intervenes in the process of secretion of gastric juices and bile but it also brings benefits from other points of view, in general it is used as a remedy to improve digestive and intestinal functions, however it is important know its characteristics and especially the doses where it must be taken to be effective.

Rhubarb: properties

In China and Mongolia, in general in the territories of Asia, rhubarb was known since ancient times for its highly appreciated characteristics both in medicine and in art because it was used to create decorations and ornaments.

The root of this plant is used by those suffering from constipation given its laxative properties, always be careful not to abuse it because otherwise it becomes a very powerful purge. Convinced to try then a rhubarb cure, let's contact our trusted herbalist so as not to make a mistake, then moving from one extreme to the other.

Today you can contact your trusted herbalist, you find it rhubarb also in many large supermarkets, once these precious roots, whose name derives from the term "Barbarian root", they were imported dried from China. Since they are also grown in Europe, they have spread more and more, the plants usually reach 3 or 4 years and then can be used for their roots.

Rhubarb: candy

From the roots of this plant can be obtained precious and even "greedy" products, we must therefore be even more careful not to abuse it because it can come the temptation when it comes to candy, for example, as of decoctions and infusions which in winter above all can create, so to speak, an addiction.

The candies have a very pleasant taste, not too sweet, captivating, help those suffering from constipation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, regularize the intestine but they do not hurt if taken by people who do not have these problems, indeed, they are excellent herbal candies, not too sweet.

In the kitchen, rhubarb, you can also use the ribs and the fleshy leaf petioles, however, never insert the leaves as an ingredient in a recipe because they have a high content of oxalic acid.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under two years of age and people suffering from colitis it is better not to take rhubarb even in small quantities, it is not a poison but can create disturbances. The leaves, rich in oxalates, they are not good for kidney stone sufferers at all.

Seeing as candy is so good and also pretty easy to find, especially in those candy shops that taste like sweets and old times, it's best to avoid going for a search altogether. leaves that can cause intoxication.

Rhubarb: cultivation

This spontaneously spontaneous herbaceous plant in Europe and Asia, but it can be grown in the garden and this is what happens with some species of rhubarb, originating in Tibet and China. With a cultivation started, we start from the second year with the harvest, during the spring and summer, the most widespread and known species is Chinese rhubarb (Rheum palmatum).

Rhubarb: jam

In addition to candies, of sweet products with rhubarb, in addition to candies, there is also jam, marmalade, which is often used for cakes or sweets in general. The rhubarb tart is delicious, also very popular with children, especially if made at home.

Rhubarb: liqueur

There is also liqueur, for those who want a digestive, with a rhubarb flavor, it is alcoholic and is very good. Likes to those who love flavors that are not sweet, indeed, that taste of herbs, but must at the same time not be teetotal, otherwise they must be satisfied with a herbal tea with flax and rhubarb flavor, great for regularity of intestinal transit.

On Amazon one pack costs 13 euros and it can be the solution for those who have minor intestinal problems and want to find a natural and non-natural remedy

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