Wild strawberries in vase

Wild strawberries in vase

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All instructions to thecultivation of wild strawberries in pots, to cultivate, at home or on the balcony, many seedlings ofwild strawberries.

Thewild strawberries or strawberries wild, are undoubtedly among the most loved fruits by Italians: they are sweet and juicy and… they get paid. At the supermarket, in fact, a small pack of 30 - 50 g of wild strawberries he charges even more than 3 euros. Still, a couple of potted plants can be very rewarding! Today we will find outhow to grow wild strawberries in pots.

Please note, the terms wild strawberries and wild strawberries are synonymous and indicate those small strawberries shown in the photo above!

Where to grow wild strawberries in pots?

No full sun, no extra-bright spot… le wild strawberries they don't want this! The pots with your wild strawberry plants should be placed in shady and humid places.

It is possible to start acultivation of wild strawberries only on condition that the chosen place is particularly humid and placed in a position where the sun's rays are massively filtered.

How to grow wild strawberries in pots

Therecultivationit can be started with seedlings already developed or by sowing. It is not difficult to find both seedlings and seeds ofwild strawberries.

If you have difficulty finding seeds or plants, on Amazon, a"this address",you can find a selection of high germination wild strawberry seeds.

The reported variety is very productive and, even if grown in pots, it needs space because it can produce hanging shoots up to 150 cm long as shown in the photo below. It is aboutwild strawberriesvery aromatic and early flowering.

How and when to sow wild strawberries?

To facilitate everything, sow in honeycomb containers (these too can be easily found at garden centers or on Amazon). Theperiodbest for sowing coincides with spring or with the end of summer in case of cultivation ofwild strawberries in the greenhouse or at home.

For germination and to ensure their growth, wild strawberries should be placed at temperatures between 16 and 22 ° C.

When the seed has produced a well developed seedling, with 4 - 5 leaves, this can be transferred to pots.

For each plant, choose a pot with a diameter of 30 - 35 cm. If thecultivation of wild strawberry in potsstarts in early spring, flowering and the first fruit production will take place between summer and autumn.

For the cultivation in potschoose a fertile, slightly acidic soil and enrich it with a specific fertilizer.

How to fertilize wild strawberries

Thewild strawberriesthey live in the undergrowth, where the soil is rich in microorganisms, humus and decaying material. For this reason, avoid a universal fertilizer. Among the various fertilizers on the market, I personally use the “Neudorff” fertilizer, it is a very complete fertilizer that also brings symbiotic microorganisms to the soil. It is true, the instructions are in German but it is easy to use.

At the time of planting, add 100 g of fertilizer to mix to the soil of each pot. Towards the middle of May (to improve and support the flowering that will take place around June), add another 20 grams by burying them superficially in the pot.

This fertilizer is offered on Amazon at a price of 12.91 euros for the 2.5 kg bag (there are also smaller packages). For all information, I refer you to the Amazon page: Neudorff. The reported fertilizer is 100% natural and allowed in organic farming.

Regardless of the brand / fertilizer you choose, at the time of purchase make sure you take a specific fertilizer for berries, which not only can provide a balanced portion ofnitrogen, phosphorus and potassium(NPK 7 - 3 - 10), but that it also adds symbiont microorganisms that improve the absorption of nutrients by the root system of plants.

How to water wild strawberries

The wild strawberry plantsthey are used to an acid reaction soil, they live in the undergrowth and ... for irrigation you should avoid tap water if it is calcareous. If you irrigate with tap water, you will be forced to compensate with some extra fertilizer. If you have the opportunity, ideally you should irrigate with rainwater or at most with distilled water, perhaps taken from the air conditioner drain.

Tip: to keep the environment humid, in the saucer, have small clay balls to keep constantly wet.

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