Night hunger: causes and what to do

Night hunger: causes and what to do

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Night hunger, when at night you cannot sleep, let alone dream, or you wake up because you are imagining a great greedy banquet and you realize that you have a hole in the stomach. Often the feeling of nocturnal hunger is linked to a psychological malaise, but this is not always the case.

Night hunger

It is also called, in the most rigid and medical jargon, night feeding syndrome, but in essence it is nocturnal hunger. This definition perhaps helps us to realize that it is an eating disorder when it is one it is a frequent custom to eat at night. It is not something that happens every now and then or for a short period, but a constant, daily duncontrolled craving for food that peeps out at night.

Night hunger: what to do

This disorder should not be underestimated because in addition to hinder our rest, it can also cause health problems in the long run they lower our level of quality of life and our mood. The first action to do in case of night hunger is to regulate our diet which is probably not very balanced.

If we eat so being full during the meals of the dayincluding breakfast, hunger is less likely to occur when it is time to sleep or we are already sleeping. This doesn't mean going too high during the day, not to risk being hungry then, but to feed ourselves as necessary so that our body does not ask us for nourishment at inappropriate times.

Better do not skip any meals and prefer those foods that stabilize serotonin levels, such as complex carbohydrates, including pasta and rice. The more meals are divided, the better, the advice is to have a modest one every 5 hours, like this we keep blood sugar levels stable.

Night hunger: attacks

Just by acting like this, that is, never leaving gods power failures throughout the day, you run the risk of being in the grip of unexpected hunger pangs that are not always very easy to manage, especially if you are tired.

The attacks of nocturnal hunger may be due to serotonin imbalances, if it is low, below the optimal levels, then you want to eat. In this case, trying to remedy low serotonin, in the meantime, we can drink instead of eat, making an assorted supply of herbal teas at home. There are also some with anti-hunger herbal mixtures, mainly based on lemon balm, dandelion, juniper, lime, angelica, passion flower, chamomile, chaste tree and orange blossom.

Nervous night hunger

Beyond serotonin levels, there are times when even if our exams are perfect, we are victims of nocturnal hunger attacks. In this case it is a symptom of a psychological distress that leads us to feel hungry even if we would not have any "Physically" no reason.

Night hunger and diet

The foods we choose to nourish ourselves during the day greatly influence whether or not hunger pangs occur at night. They come cereals are often recommended, even at dinner, because the fibers contained in them give a feeling of satiety and also help to keep sugar levels stable for a long period of time.

They are fine too beans, wholemeal bread and fruit including preferring, if in season, the cherries, rich in melatonin, and the bananas, rich in potassium and magnesium that stimulate the feeling of satiety. Dried fruit is also rich in magnesium, especially almonds.

Night hunger and insomnia

It goes without saying that if we are hungry at night we struggle to sleep. By following the advice provided, the situation will only improve but in the meantime we can pass the time with a book or a 3D wooden puzzle like this. You can find it for 30 euros on Amazon and it's really fun.

Night hunger and pregnancy

In pregnancy, it can happen even more frequently that you get hungry at unusual hours, including those at night. There are no ad hoc remedies, the idea is always that of eat healthy foods and, at night, to be satisfied with a fruit that does not burden the stomach. We avoid snacks, popcorn and other poorly digested foods.

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