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Tiger balm, all the info

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Tiger balm, where to buy and advice on use. White or red tiger balm, properties and ingredients.

Tiger balm, use

Tiger Balm has multiple uses. It is considered theremedy perfect for treating almost all pain, that is, it is effective against muscle pain, stiff neck, back pain, rheumatic pain, joint pain, migraine, irritation, itching and burning related to insect bites ... itsuseit is also extended to relieve pain caused by tendonitis, sprains, strains and colds.

Original Tiger Balm

Thereoriginal recipeof thetiger balminvolved the use of powdered tiger bones, a recipe that later became illegal and forced manufacturers to completely change the formulation.

No wonder that, for the preparation of thetiger balm, powdered bones were used. Tiger bones in Burma and in much of Asia were used as a fundamental component of most of the preparations ofchinese medicinebecause they are considered to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Today, theingredientsused in thecomposition of tiger balmthey are quite different. It goes without saying that among the ingredients currently used for the formulation of tiger balm, there is no trace of tiger bones!

What is tiger balm?
In practice, tiger balm consists of a main emollient, enriched with essential oils and alcohols of plant extracts. The main constituent is the common petroleum jelly, indicated among the ingredients with the name "Petrolatum".

In some blogs, petrolatum is compared to paraffin (paraffinum liquidum) or other mineral oils but these are completely different products. Petrolatum (or petroleum jelly) is completely harmless to humans, is not carcinogenic and is also used in pharmaceutical preparations.

Tiger balm, opinions

Is it really that miraculous? The opinions in this regard they are very conflicting. Surely the active ingredients contained in it are very useful but it must be pointed out that not all components are of natural origin. In addition to petroleum jelly, thetiger balmcontains binding waxes whose continuous and prolonged use is not recommended.

The beneficial effects of the tiger balmthey are undoubtedly linked to the presence of plant extracts and, in particular, of essential oils. For example, thetiger balmit is rich in Cassia essential oil (essential oil of cassia cinnamon) which alone contains over 50 aromatic and terpenic compounds including tannins, cinnamic aldehyde, eugenol, linalool, beta-caryophyllene, camphor ... And compounds responsible for the typical odor of the balm tiger. Cinnamon essential oil is able to relieve rheumatism and reactivate circulation. It also contains mint essential oils (tonic, stimulating, draining) and other plant extracts.

Tiger balm, where to buy it

Theoriginal tiger balmit is not easily found in supermarkets: due to the lower costs it is often supplanted by similar products with a similar formulation.

Who prefers theoriginalcan take advantage of online trading. On Amazon you can easily find theclassic tiger balmand thewhite tiger balm. There is also a version richer in active ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties created to relieve back and neck pain. For all information, I refer you to the respective pages.

  • Tiger Balm Rouge
    The classic tiger balm (red) is offered by Amazon at a price of 10.83 euros with free shipping. The classic pack is 30 mg with the original hexagonal jar.
  • Tiger Balm Ointment HR
    The white tiger balm is offered by Amazon at a price of 9.50 euros with free shipping. The standard package is 30 mg with the original hexagonal jar.
  • Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder
    It is a tube rich in anti-inflammatory active ingredients against back pain and easier to absorb. The 50 mg tube is offered by Amazon at a price of 10.60 euros.

What are the differences between white and red tiger balm?
White tiger balm can be considered a more delicate version and above all with a refreshing effect, therefore more suitable for soothing itching, skin irritations or insect bites. Its ingredients, in addition to Vaseline, are: Menthol 8%, Camphor 25%, Eucalyptus Oil 13.7% and Clove Oil 1.43%.

In the photo above, on the left, the advertising poster of the tiger balm is shown, the poster is dated 1930 but the product was already popular in the late 1800s. On the right, above, the image of the purchase packagewhite tiger balm, while the bass, the most popular and knownred tiger balm.

Contraindications: tiger balm is not recommended during pregnancy due to the presence of cinnamon essential oil.

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