Griffon Nivernais

Griffon Nivernais

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Griffon Nivernais, a medium-sized dog that sports a rather slender body compared to the average of hunting dogs of French origin. His physique leads him to be chosen above all by those who ask their hunting companions for resistance and less speed. In general the Griffon Nivernais he is also an excellent guard dog: at home and in the family, he is always ready, attentive, warns his master if he perceives that a stranger could be dangerous.

Griffon Nivernais: characteristics

There are times when this breed has been widespread, others in which he had "down" and seemed to die out. It is recognized and classified by the F.C.I. like bloodhounds and blood trail dogs even though he has a rather abnormal physique compared to other bloodhound dogs. Its coat is long and hard to the touch, most of the time it is of gray or fawn color, with tan markings in all the various nuances.

He is stubborn and determined by character, he does not let go of his prey and his grip, he is courageous and combative, he faces hardships with determination. Unlikely to give up or break down. This especially on hunting. In the family, he is lively and attentive, but also very much sweet, kind and loving.

When you see it for the first time it may look "disheveled."": It is a dog born to be outdoors, in the green, to hunt. It maintains its characteristics of a robust animal, very rustic and shaggy.

Griffon Nivernais: breeding

It has always been bred mainly as a guard dog, it is not very common as a companion animal and there are not many examples of it outside its region of origin. In truth, he is very suitable for living with families, he is thoughtful and vigilant even in the care of children. When it is raised, it is necessary to feed it in a healthy and complete way, giving him regular meals and ensuring him plenty of physical activity in the open air.

Griffon Nivernais Brittany

As you can imagine from the name, this dog is of French origin, belongs to the group of hounds and dogs for blood track and was born in Brittany, where today it is still widespread. His ancestors would be dogs of Arab breeds crossed several times, from France it spread especially among hunters from all over Europe.

Griffon Nivernais: puppies

The puppies are immediately with a combative and lively character, determined as adults, it is therefore important that are educated well immediately. When large they can reach a height at the withers of up to 62 cm if males, 60 if females.

Griffon Nivernais: price

A specimen of this breed, puppy, with a rich pedigree and a good attitude for hunting it can cost over 800 euros. Much depends on its pedigree and performance and on the area where we buy it.

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