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Pudelpointer, an elegant and very good dog on the hunting ground but not only. Like many of his colleagues, in fact, this animal has also found space in the hearts of the families they desire an athletic companion dog and a lover of green spaces.

Pudelpointer: characteristics

Long and broad, the head of the Pudelpointer is characterized by thick eyebrows that make it recognizable but above all very nice, almost resembling a cartoon. He also has a bit of a beard and the stop is marked, with a dark nose at the bottom, and wide nostrils. Round, yellow eyes tending to brown, this dog has an expressive and intelligent look. The head also pops up ears, but not too much because they are snug and flat, hairy and not very arched.

A elongated neck, broad, energetic and massive it connects the head to the body which is quite muscular and well balanced, with a very developed muscular structure. The limbs are straight, the hind ones much stronger, the tail, covered with hard hair, is always in motion.

The hair of the Pudelpointer is from Pointer so rough, dense, shaggy, stiff, rather long and in shades ranging from brown to beige.

Pudelpointer: farms

This breed has ancient origins, it would seem born from a cross between French Poodle and English Pointer. On the one hand, the Pointer has contributed to hunting skills, the Poodle has influenced the breed in terms of water skills. We are therefore faced with a very skilled dog on various types of terrain and even in water. We find many farms in his country of origin, less in the rest of the world, including Italy where it is also little known by name.

Pudelpointer: cloak

The hair of this Pointer crossed with other breeds, it has become a breed, it is dense and not very soft. Flat on the body even if of medium length, it has a thick undercoat and on the withers it has a length that reaches 6 cm. As mentioned, the eyebrows, beard and even a kind of toupee with strands that look like wood shavings appear on the muzzle.

To the touch it is certainly not the most pleasant hair, however a pet dog, but it is very useful that this is so to ensure that the Pudelpointer is resistant to bad weather and possible injuries.

As for the color of the coat, we find some single color versions with at most some really small white tips. Allowed colors are brown, dead leaf and black.

Pudelpointer: puppies

Medium in size, from large to Pudelpointer it reaches a height of 60-65 cm, for males, a little less for females, about 55-60 cm. The puppies are therefore modest in size but not tiny. The character of this dog is very cheerful, lively, energetic but also cuddly.

It is not a difficult breed to raise, the puppies are docile to commands and faithful to the master. From an early age you can see that it is a dog who loves water and swimming, being outdoors and in our company. It can also be kept indoors but it needs to be done lots of daily exercise.

Pudelpointer: price

It is difficult to find a price for a dog which in Italy is very little widespread. It also depends a lot if we want a specimen that can help us in the hunt or company at home. In the first case, a dog trained for hunting must be chosen immediately, then it can become a expert hunter of partridge, wild rabbit, fox and swamp feathers. At home as well as at work, he always shows great resistance.

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