Ideal temperature and wine thermometer

Ideal temperature and wine thermometer

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Wine thermometer, how to use it, how it works and many tips on ideal temperature for tasting wine. From the classic glass thermometer to the new digital thermometers with display.

How to taste wine

For aperfect tastingyou must have:

  • Wine at the right temperature
  • A professional corkscrew
  • A decanter for certain red wines
  • A sommelier glass
  • Our guide on "How to taste wine"

Professional corkscrew

The corkscrew preferred by professional sommeliers is the model with one or two hinges. The most comfortable model is the one with two hinges. It is that corkscrew that is anchored on the edge of the mouth of the bottle and from there you leverage to extract the cork, after having pierced it with rotating movements of the screw. It is important to practice good euncork the bottle of winecarefully, it would be a shame to serve a wine that tastes like cork.

Tasting glass

As for the sommelier glass, it is convenient to have a set at home, the tasting glass, in fact, can be used to serve any type of wine as explained in the article dedicated totypes of wine glasses.

Decanter for red wine

The decanter is necessary when you want to serve aged wines or very full-bodied red wines. To understand what it is for and how to use the decanter, I would like to point out the dedicated page:Decanter, what is it for.

Let's talk now about theideal temperature for serving winesand how it can be measured with the new thermometers.

Wine temperature

Theretemperatureis the main factor inwine tasting. The reason? The right serving temperature allows the wine to best release its aroma.

Not just at the time oftasting, you have to monitor the temperature even during storage. For long-term storage, the wine it should be placed in an environment with a temperature between 10 and 12 ° C. A higher temperature would favor the development of mold while a colder temperature would cause the cork to dry out. A dry cork allows the passage of air which would oxidize the wine, ruining it.

Thethermometerallows us to understand whether we are keeping the wine at the right temperature and whether we are serving the wine at thetemperatureideal for maximizing its aroma.

At what temperature should the wine be served?
It depends on the wine. Generally speaking, sparkling wines or champagne are served chilled, aromatic and fruity wines cold, from white and rosé wines, the temperature gradually rises up to aged red wines. Here, in detail, at what temperature to serve the wines.

  • Dry and sweet sparkling wine, sparkling wine 6-8 ° C
  • Dry, young and fruity white wine 8-10 ° C
  • Dry and aromatic white wine, sweet wines 10-12 ° C
  • Passito and white liqueur wine, rosé wine 10-12 ° C
  • Ripe and very structured white wines 12-14 ° C
  • Delicate, fruity and slightly tannic red wines 14-16 ° C
  • Passito and red liqueur wines 14-16 ° C
  • Red wine of medium structure and tannins (like Rosso di Montalcino) 16-18 ° C
  • Tannic red wines, with great structure and long aging (Brunello) 18-20 ° C

Wine thermometer

Until recently, howevermeasure the temperature of the winethe traditional was usedglass thermometer (alcohol thermometer) which today has given way to more modern and efficient thermometers, from digital to analog.

The band model (ring thermometer) attaches to the bottle like a bracelet and shows the temperature on a digital display. It is practical, usually in steel but has the limit of measuring the external temperature of the bottle and not of the contents. For this reason, many professionals do not prefer it.

Thethermometer with probe (it works like a classic kitchen thermometer) is very practical and allows very faithful measurements. Among the more precise models with an excellent value for money, I point out thewine thermometer"WMF". This thermometer can be bought at a price of 16.95 euros. For all information on this thermometer to measure the temperature of the wineI refer you to the Amazon product page: WMF Floating Thermometer.

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