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Kishu, from Japan, a dog that is still very little known outside its country of origin. It belongs to group 5, that of spitz-type and primitive-type dogs, and still today it is used in wild boar hunting, in the past it was more often used for deer hunting. The hair can take on various colors but the most popular is white. It is said to be the result of a bet, a challenge that called the Japanese to to create a breed with recognized hunting qualities that are clean and easy to breed. And so Kishu was born, possibly white.

Kishu: characteristics

Affectionate to his master, alert and docile, very resistant both physically and temperamentally, and always animated by a clear sense of dignity. This Japanese dog today is mostly used as pet dog.

It can be considered a dog of medium size, at the withers it measures about 50 cm, has a well-proportioned physique, boasts a developed musculature, its compact trunk suggests a sturdy bone, head and muzzle are the classic oriental dog ones and the Nose is strictly black.

Even the eyes are from Japanese dog, small, triangular, well spaced, dark brown in color, the ears are small, triangular and slightly inclined forward, while the tail is thick and strongly curled or carried on the back in the shape of a sickle.

For what concern Kishu cloak, It is composed of a rough, straight top coat and a sweet, dense undercoat, it can be white, red and sesame.

Kishu: herds

Farms in Italy they are practically impossible to find as well as in Europe in general, because today this dog is known almost only in Japan.

Although it is a truly fascinating breed, it is by no means widespread outside its country of origin. Those who want a Japanese breed in Italy can look for it Akita and Shiba Inu farms, even Shikoku.

Kishu: price

Kishu is priceless, in Italy, and also in Japan certainly not an "economic" dog. As for the other Japanese breeds, we don't hope to get away with a few hundred euros, they are all very valuable and the puppies have high prices.

Kishu: origin

Not very common but very old, this breed was born in Kishu region, a mountainous region of Japan, between the prefectures of Mie and Wakayama. In 1934 it was even declared a "National Monument", initially had a coat with wandering patches of red and sesame, or streaked, then began to spread only single color specimens that have left the others out of the market, now unobtainable.

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