Strange and curious phobias

Strange and curious phobias

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Strange and curious phobias, he competes to tell them, at times, at other times he hides from them and disguises himself for fear of being made fun of. There are all kinds, even the most incredible to read. At first a smile may escape, because the strange phobias seem to come out of a science fiction or dystopian film, but in reality it is understood that even if "strange" or "curious", they they heavily affect the life of those who have them.

Weird phobias

Phobias can be divided into two broad categories, there are social ones and specific ones. The social ones concern disorders related to fear of humiliation or abandonment, of exclusion. Specific phobias, on the other hand, are connected to environments or to particular objects, people or situations and are often the strangest and most curious.

Strange and curious phobias

Among the curious phobias, as well as strange, we find one less and less strange because every day more widespread. Is called nomophobia and it is the strong fear that the telephone network of our mobile phone will not work and leave us disconnected from the world, especially from the world of social networks. Among the strange and curious phobias, we can mention lacanophobia, the fear of vegetables, mycophobia, the fear of mushrooms and a fear that is difficult to recognize, that of property. It is called orthophobia.

Weird phobias: list

The complete list is impossible to report, also because it is constantly evolving, but let's see some significant examples. There are those who suffer today from chirophobia, or fear of the hands, and remaining on the human body, there is also the geniophobia, fear of the chin, the pogonophobia, fear of beards, and the genuphobia, fear of the knees.

Moving to other fields, we find the fear of good news, euphobia, and fear of opinions, allodoxaphobia. There are also those who are even afraid of knowledge and in this case suffer from epistaxiophobia.

Strange phobias and fears

When a person is afraid of the sea and it has so much of it that you can't even look at the photograph of submerged or submerged objects, including historical wrecks, then suffer from thalassophobia. But the strange phobia most connected to fear is there phonophobia, or the fear of fear. It sounds like a pun but it's not a game at all, especially for anyone who is in fight us every day.

The 10 strangest phobias

Of all the strange phobias it is difficult to rank, also because to each of us it may seem strange to one or the other depending on personal sensitivity. Among the strangest phobias we can mention these ten. There hypnophobia, the fear of dinners and conversations at dinner time, the hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, fear of long words, the turophobia, the fear of cheese, theomphalophobia, the fear of the navel, the novercaphobia, the fear of stepmothers, thearachibutriophobia, the fear that peanut butter will stick to the palate, theaulophobia, fear of flutes, the metrophobia, the fear of poetry, the pentaphobia, the fear of the mother-in-law, and the zelophobia fear of jealousy.

Strange phobias: book

A book to read even if you do not have a phobia, strange or not strange, because it allows us to reflect on fear and how it can be recognized and overcome. Is titled "Beyond the limits of fear. Quickly overcome phobias, obsessions and panic ”. He wrote it Giorgio Nardone, can also be purchased on Amazon and is a journey to discover the "Pathological fear" in all its varied forms. The author tells about the symptoms but also the possible strategies to overcome phobias through reflections and true stories that demonstrate how a phobia can not last forever.

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