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German Spitz

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German Spitz, small, courageous and nice, not as small as his "dwarf" version but not even a dog that is difficult to keep at home. The German Spitz it is undoubtedly of German origin but also quite widespread in the rest of Europe and the world, also because it is an animal with a very good character.

German Spitz: character

It stands out among small to medium sized dogs because it is particularly so brave, intelligent and lively. Training it is not a difficult task, indeed, this breed is very predisposed and this means a lot for those who do not want to have with them a dog that requires a lot of lessons and reproaches in order not to cause trouble.

That of German Spitz it is one of the oldest breeds in all of central Europe, it has evolved over time but has remained exemplary for its cheerful and jovial character, for its devotion to its owner even though it remains very reserved in the presence of strangers. With children, it is German Spitz becomes an excellent playmate, without fear of aggressive attitudes on his part.

German Spitz: puppy

When bred from a very young age, these dogs are very obedient indeed they grow up polite and respectful. They are very intelligent animals, but if the training starts late, obviously there are more difficulties in adapting to the rules.

The body of the puppies it is compact and proportionate, as soon as the hair becomes the final one, it is smooth and soft, with a thick collar around the head and a thick plume on the tail which become peculiar and much appreciated characteristics. Like many small or medium sized dogs, so too German Spitz has a rather long average life, from 12 to 16 years, but some specimens have lived even 20 years.

Dwarf German Spitz

As old as it is German Spitz, even the dwarf has an excellent character and a body covered with soft fur. The breed descends from the "Canis familiaris palustris rutimeyer" which already haunted in the peat bogs in the Stone Age.

Great German Spitz

The German Spitz large is not the largest because there is also the giant one, with an average height at the withers of about 49 - 55 cm. The big one goes from 46 to 50 cm and then gradually German Spitz smaller can measure 34 cm at the withers, if medium, 26 cm, if small, and 20 if dwarf.

German Spitz: price

A Spitz puppy with a good pedigree can cost dto 800 euros and up. It is a rather healthy dog ​​and does not require special or particularly expensive care, but its owners will have to pay close attention to nutrition. These dogs tend to put on weight extremely easily and, if obese, they can suffer from health problems and motor difficulties.

German Spitz: white

The soft and smooth coat of this Spitz, beyond the size, it can be of all colors, including white. It is true that white specimens are not among the most widespread but not that hard to find and have a very special charm. White or black, or other colors, the coat of the German Spitz it must be well maintained not only for show specimens but also for companion dogs, for reasons of hygiene and health.

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