Vegetarians in Italy and around the world

Vegetarians in Italy and around the world

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Vegetarians in Italy and around the world: how widespread is thevegetarian dietin the world and which countries have the most vegetarians. Percentages, estimates and information on the vegetarian diet in Italy.

On this page we will try to draw up oneRankingof countries with more vegetarians using the various official estimates. For each percentage reported, we will indicate the statistical institute that released the data.

Vegetarians around the world

Estimates on the vegetarianism they are very complex because they risk being distorted by the interviewees themselves. Many call themselves vegetarians even though they eat mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano or even fish and poultry. For all the information we refer to the page: what vegetarians can eat.

Furthermore, the polls do not take into account those countries where religions are practiced where the consumption of meat is prohibited. For all information: vegetarians and religion.

In the USA, Public Policy Polling found that 13% of the population follows a vegan or vegetarian diet.

In Australia, Roy Morgan Research reported that 11.2% of the population was on a vegan or vegetarian diet in 2016.

In Latin America the situation is very heterogeneous. In Brazil, for example, the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics recorded that only 8% of the population follows a vegetarian diet but there are centers where the vegetarian diet is not followed at all and centers where it exceeds even 14%.

Vegetarian diet in Italy, percentages

In Europe, Italy is undoubtedly among the most prominent countries when it comes tovegetarian diet. THEvegetarians in Italyare very numerous, so much so that the estimate released by the Italian research institute Eurispes sees a percentage of 11.1%. In particular, Eurispes reports that 10% of Italians are vegetarian while 1.1% are vegan.

Vegetarians in Europe, the percentages

As stated, ivegetarians in Italythey are very numerous but the situation in the rest of Europe is not as favorable when it comes to the spread ofvegetarian diet in Europe.

In Finland, the companyLihatiedotusyhdistyshe stated that only 6% of the local population is vegetarian. It should be noted that the company is a meat producer. However, another estimate carried out in 2014 reported that 10% of the young population, aged between 25 and 34, follow a vegetarian pescetarian diet. If fish is also excluded from the diet, the estimate drops to 3%, in line with what the company reportedLihatiedotusyhdistys.

France is not a very vegetarian country, so much so that a few years ago, a government decree imposed the presence of meat in the country's school canteens. The most recent estimate sees a spread of thevegetarian dietby only 2%. This estimate *, however, is very dated and dates back to 2011 - 2012.

In Germany, the Institut Produkt und Markt found that 9% of the population follows onevegetarian diet.

In the Netherlands, it is estimated that 4.5% of the population does not eat meat. The Dutch Association for Veganism has estimated that only 70,000 inhabitants are vegans, ie about 0.1% of the population.

Poland takes the lead as the most vegetarian country in Europe. According to an estimate conducted by Mintel (Global Market Research & Market Insight) in this 2017, 15% of the Polish population follows a vegetarian or vegan diet. The capital of Poland, Warsaw, was listed in third place in theTop Cities Vegan ranking, the ranking of the most vegan cities in the world published by HappyCow.

In Spain, the most recent estimate dates back to 2002, when El Mundo magazine reported that there were 1.5 million vegetarians in the country. Subsequently, the Vegan Association reported that the number exceeds 2 million vegetarians and that it is currently still growing.

In Austria, the ISEF survey shows that the number of vegetarians amounts to 9% of the total population, but the figure dates back to 2013.

* Haurant, Sandra, reported by The Guardian of September 28, 2012.

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