Iceberg: meaning

Iceberg: meaning

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Iceberg, masses of ice that seem smaller than they are. They peek out from the surface of the water with their tips of various sizes, this characteristic makes them the object of comparisons, metaphors and legends. The size of an iceberg can vary a lot, can rise from 1 to 75 m above sea level and weigh from 100,000 to 200,000 tons.

The largest iceberg ever seen in the North Atlantic it protruded nearly 170 meters above sea level. So let's imagine a 55-storey building coming out of the sea. When one of these "ice rocks" melts, it releases compressed air bubbles trapped in the ice layers and produces a sound called "Bergie Seltzer".

Iceberg: meaning

Although not a word of Italian origin, iceberg is now commonly used to define what we should otherwise call ice mountain or, "isbergo" who knows a lot of archaic language.

There are alternatives, but equally obsolete: burgundy or ice cream. The word Iceberg is not English but of Dutch origin: “ijsberg” in this language means mountain (berg) of ice (ijs), it sounds similar also in Danish, in German Eisberg, in Swedish and in Norwegian isberg. By iceberg today we mean one large mass of ice that detaches from a glacier platform or a single glacier and floats adrift in the sea.

Iceberg: symbolic meaning

Far from real icebergs, in Italy we often mention this frozen mass to give the idea of something that appears smaller than it is. Indeed, when you see only the part that emerges, you do not imagine the true dimensions of the immersed one, far greater.

When we talk about the tip of the iceberg we mean a worrying problem but of which only a small part is visible. The reason why only a minimal fraction of the total mass emerges from the water is linked to the difference in density between pure ice and sea water. The first is about 920 kg / m3, the other 1025 kg / m3: it goes without saying that ice floats and about 90% of the volume of an iceberg remains submerged.

This natural phenomenon has also teased the imagination of many artists and writers. Among all, he has decided to name his work iceberg, Clive Cussler. We can also get it on Amazon for less than 6 euros.

Iceberg: giant adrift

Lately, the iceberg has been on the front page, unfortunately for bad news. In July 2017 the ice shelf Larsen C in Antarctica it has detached itself as it has already been threatening to do for at least 6 months. This event will change the appearance of the Antarctic Peninsula which now assumes a less stable configuration.

It is not yet certain that there is a link between detachment and global warming but there are strong suspicions that it exists and also strong. It was to be expected: those who monitored this platform already in the last months of 2016, the rift became more and more pronounced and was already almost 200 kilometers long and about 90 meters wide, more than half a kilometer deep.

Iceberg: meaning tip

Metaphorically we know what the tip represents, but in reality, how it is made. Taking a closer look it turns out that they exist various types of tips. The domed, rounded one, the pinnacle one, with one or more cusps, the wedge one, with a steep side and an inclined side, and then that to dry dock. Finally, there is the block tip that shows steep sides and a flat surface, more like a block than a board.

Iceberg: meaning tattoo

Iceberg tattoos do not have a unique meaning and are often combined with other elements where the mass of ice forms the background. However, they remain a fascinating and undoubtedly original subject.

Iceberg: meaning pink

Flower lovers are well aware of the existence of iceberg rose, so called because it produces candid or white buds that make it similar to a glacier. It is one of the best known and most appreciated varieties of rose for its whiteness and elegance.

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