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The Beast from the East spits millions of dead sea creatures off the UK coast

The Beast from the East spits millions of dead sea creatures off the UK coast

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“The number of crustaceans was terrifying. I'd say 80 to 90 percent of the lobsters were dead. This is the third time I've seen him in 30 years. It is nature, it happened before and it will happen again ”.

After the passing of the winter storm called the "Beast from the East", millions of dead marine creatures appeared on the shore of the UK coast.

Impressive scenes of these mass deaths were filmed along the coasts of Kent and East Yorkshire.

Jason Harrison, captain of the Scarborough Shannon fishing boat, recounted: "There were hundreds of thousands of lobsters, millions of mussels, you can't count the number," he said, according to the Daily Mail.

“The number of crustaceans was terrifying. It is nature, it happened before and it will happen again ”.

In the case of massive strandings of starfish they are not completely unheard of. For example, several million were left on the coast of Worcester County, Maryland, in the United States in 1960, ScienceAlert reported.

Most research suggests that these types of catastrophes are caused by storms or very cold weather.

“In the case of the Beast from the East, it was a polar vortex bringing freezing temperatures and strong gusts of wind to the east coast of the UK. Strong winds can disturb the seas along the coast, creating huge waves that churn the seabed where many animals reside. The sediments at the bottom of the sea are altered and can suffocate these animals ”.

Animals trapped by these disturbances can be washed ashore during high tides and stranded as the tide recedes.

In addition, the Beast from the East brought very cold temperatures, several degrees below zero for several days in some parts of the country.

These low temperatures can have very dramatic effects on marine life.

"Once stranded, the surviving animals would have been exposed to potentially lethal low temperatures for them."

Paul Murphy (@BBCPaulMurphy) March 5, 2018

This terrible combination of weather effects "surprised everyone" according to local fishermen, and the direction of the wind carried them onto the beach.

"In the case of starfish, they are at special risk after storms due to a behavior known as" starballing ": by curving each of their multiple arms to create a large spherical globe shape with their body, they can roll on the seafloor in fast water and cover much greater distances, and during a storm they could lose control and be stranded on the beach, ”published Science Alert.

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