Check out these mud and adobe house interiors. Clean and beautiful

Check out these mud and adobe house interiors. Clean and beautiful

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This video is a sample so you can see that mud and adobe houses are not necessarily dark or dirty or gray. It all depends on the creator and builder

The construction with adobes presents the advantage of its formal, constructive and aesthetic similarity with the fired field brick. In case of having a lot of labor, specialized or not, this technique is very suitable depending on the manufacturing processes that allow the integration of a large number of people during treading and molding, although control must be taken into account here. during production to minimize dimensional variation and irregular part shape. Adobe walls have very good acoustic and thermal insulation conditions due to the characteristics of the material and the thicknesses used.

The disadvantages of this technique are a function of the manufacturing process itself, which can be slow since it takes two or three weeks to be able to use the pieces in case the production is done on site. The process also depends on the areas of treading, drying and stockpiling, which will command the continuity of production while waiting for the previous pieces to dry. Therefore, this technique requires some provision of infrastructure to have horizontal and clean surfaces, and protected areas to prevent rainwater from affecting production.

Common failures in adobe constructions can be reduced by controlling the soil and stabilizers used, the proper dimensioning of the pieces and walls, the proper dimensioning of the structure, both of the foundation and the bearing wall, or the beams and pillars and protection against rain and natural moisture from the ground. Both the advantages and disadvantages must be taken into account as reality data, but the specific conditions of the work will be those that determine the viability of the processes.

The properties of adobe architecture are thermicity, mechanical resistance, acoustic insulation and fire resistance.

Video: Adobe Fire-Proof Homes (June 2022).


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