Guatemala: a town without plastic

Guatemala: a town without plastic

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In a municipality in Guatemala, the authorities prohibited the use of straws, duroport and plastic bags. The population supports the drastic measure.

In San Pedro La Laguna, the population, mostly from the Tz'utujil ethnic group, lives off trade and tourism, but the contamination of the Lake's waters has been one of the biggest concerns for years, so this measure, the third in the country has been viewed favorably.

Fernando, a Tz’utujil butcher who works in the market, thinks that getting rid of the plastic is the best option: “Banana leaves serve the same purpose as bags and do not pollute our lake. Customers already ask for them. So we will all be happier ”.

Also María, a shy seller who deals with seafood, has adopted the provision with pleasure and although she admits that “some are still using bags”, she expresses her wish that they stop doing it and switch to banana leaves: “They are better for the environment".


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