Agroecology: Tillage time

Agroecology: Tillage time

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Based on the different concrete experiences of agroecology, this documentary unfolds and affirms, not only the need, but also the possibility, to work firmly for an agriculture that is located very far from agribusiness and very close to our communities.

A documentary by Miguel Mirra, produced by the Unión Solidaria de Trabajadores, with executive production by Susana Moreira.

Luis Lafferriere, Carlos Vicente, Elizabeth Jacobo, Guillermo Folguera, Fernando Frank and Javier Scheibengraf participated, putting the agroecological commitment in context.

And they participated, recounting their agroecological experience on the ground, Mario, Modesto and Faustino, from Ust, Wilde, Gabriel and Andrea, from La Bonita, Saladillo, Damián and Mariana, from Monte Callado, Tandil, Javiera and Reto, from La Lechuza , Oberá, Romina and Sergio, from COPA, Guernica, Franz and Rosalía, from UTT, Jáuregui, and Mónica and Lalo, from Campesinos del Valle del Conlara, San Luis.

Duration:65 minutes.

Source: Miguel Mirra

Video: The Science of Soil Health: Systems in Agroecology (July 2022).


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