Green technology to convert CO2 into renewable fuel

Green technology to convert CO2 into renewable fuel

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eForFuel provides a novel solution to the use of fossil fuels based on using resources that are essentially unlimited and independent of land use:CO2, electricity and water.

The University of Alicante participates in eForFuel, an ambitious research and innovation project, funded by the European Union, whose objective is to provide a sustainable substitution of fossil fuels through the use of electricity and micro-organisms to convert CO2 in renewable fuels.

Greenhouse gases, especially CO2, which are emitted during the combustion of fossil fuels, are the main responsible for climate change, constituting a global threat.

That is why focusing international efforts on projects that can substitute fossil fuels is of vital importance. The first generations of “biofuels”, by their use of the land, compete with other resources, limit agricultural food production and, therefore, cannot completely replace fossil fuels without threatening food security and The Biodiversity.

eForFuel innovates in this regard as it provides a novel solution based on using resources that are essentially unlimited and independent of land use: CO2, electricity and water.

“What makes eForFuel unique is the sustainable production chain that converts CO emissions2 and renewable electricity in an easy-to-handle compound, formic acid, which is then fed to modified microbes to produce renewable hydrocarbons that can be used as fuels, ”says project coordinator Arren Bar-Even from MPI.

Directed and coordinated by scientists from the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Molecular Plant Physiology in Germany, it has the participation of 14 industrial and academic partners from nine countries of the European Union and associates. eForFuel is a truly interdisciplinary project that aims, as the ultimate goal of its research, to offer sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.

“Specifically, we will develop carbon materials that will constitute the cathode of the electrochemical cell, where the transformation of CO2 in formic acid ”, explains the researcher at the UA Advanced Materials Laboratory, Antonio Sepúlveda.

eForFuel is a Horizon 2020 project that began in March 2018, and is expected to take place over the next four years with funding of around 4 million euros.

This integrated system will act as a “springboard” towards a complete transformation of the way they are currently produced.fossil fuels and carbon-based chemicals.

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