What is Biodecoding. How does it work

What is Biodecoding. How does it work

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Biodecoding, also known as bioneuroemotion, is an alternative therapy developed in recent years.

Its practitioners believe that cells contain information related to the experiences of each person's ancestors.

These experiences can be activated due to emotional suffering and cause physical illness.

According to this therapy, diseases are formed due to changes in the cells of the body.

Therefore, the therapist must access the hidden emotional cause and resolve it to put an end to the malignant symptoms of the disease.

Biodecoding has proven to be very useful for different types of diseases. However, it should never be a substitute for traditional medicine, but should be used only as a supplement.

How does it work

Therapies based on this pseudoscience collect their techniques from other complementary disciplines.

Once the putative underlying cause of the disease is discovered, methods such as neurolinguistic programming, Ericksonian hypnosis, or transgenerational therapy are used to adjust for emotional problems.

Therefore, biodecoding is defined as “the art of accompanying the person to find the hidden emotion associated with the symptom they present, in order to decode it and thus promote healing through the release of this unconscious emotion and its transformation".

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