The recycled “bike-train” that the grandfather made to take a walk with the grandchildren

The recycled “bike-train” that the grandfather made to take a walk with the grandchildren

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It is about Oscar, a Santa Fe from Venado Tuerto, in Argentina, who with two drums devised a tender sustainable transport to walk his two grandchildren, the “bici-trancito”.

On Sunday afternoon in the streets of Venado Tuerto, south of Santa Fe, a grandfather with his two grandchildren could be observed in a kind of “little train”; which consisted of two carts, made from recycled drums and pulled by him on his bicycle.

The bike was driven by Osvaldo, and the grandchildren were in the two carts. The invention was registered by the camera of Gustavo Davobe,orn neighbor who uploaded the photo to social networks, which was accompanied by the text: "And the award for the grandfather of the year goes to ...".

In the image you can see Osvaldo wearing a sports outfit while his granddaughter and grandson go in the two rear “wagons”, both equipped with helmets.. The postcard captivated all those who had the opportunity to see them.

"This is making another person happy, without planting soybeans or being a footballer, love comes from the heart, not from the pocket." "I congratulate the inventor, but from the HEART." “Wonderful creativity. I love it ”, were some of the comments to the photo that Davobe uploaded.

I am 62 years old and I have always dedicated myself to “iron”, I have had a metallurgical factory for 42 years. The last 5 years I have been dedicating myself to my grandchildren. Doing things to them. Enjoying them when I have them, on Saturdays and Sundays. And this came from being able to visit them by bicycle and I realized that there was no place for them. I couldn't carry them. They are 4, between 4 and 5 years old ”.

So, “I started grabbing drums and making a cart for each of them.They chose the color. So I take all four of them. With helmets and safety. Armchair, backrest and rubber protector so that they do not hit each other ”, says the grandfather.

In addition, he said that he is surprised by the repercussion his invention had and the reaction of his grandchildren: “Cars pass by in the street, they film, I did not imagine that this was going to reach this point. Many ask me when do you start to enjoy? And I ask them what it is to enjoy. For many it is traveling, stopping work, and I tell them that I enjoy my grandchildren. There are no words for their smiles and their looks when they climb the bins. And let them come to my house, see me. They come running and tell me: Grandpa, come on, come on ”.

“I cannot understand that with little it has so much importance.You can still do these things. I listen to many people who have lost five generations but forget mine, 50 and 60 years old, who know how to do things to leave the boys a job.I am very proud of my grandchildren and my children. And of all this that I did"Assured the grandfather.

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