Recycle objects for our garden plants

Recycle objects for our garden plants

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A tire, old pots, fruit boxes and milk jars are all elements that end up in the trash in one way or another, but we could perfectly recycle them and make fun pots with them and give our garden personality.

Also these plastic bottles will be very useful to make small pots to decorate your home or give as gifts!


  • Plastic bottles.
  • Silicone.
  • Scissors.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Recycled CDs.
  • Brush.

Clean the bottles

Before starting, use water and a few drops of ecological detergent inside the bottles and shake several times to clean well.

Cut the bottles

With scissors or cutter, cut the bottle in half giving the shape that you prefer to the edge, if you like the variety you can make different cuts so you will have several models of mcetas.

Paste the CD

After you have the bottles cut, take the CD and stick it from the spout part of the bottle using hot silicone. After sticking it, press down and leave it on a flat surface. It will serve as a base.

Paint the bottles

To give your bottles more life, paint them with acrylic paint of the color you want and draw different shapes, they can be flowers, circles or the figure you want. Now they are ready for you to put your favorite plants.


Video: Creative Flower Pot Ideas From Discarded Plastic Bottles (June 2022).


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