They look for the packaging of the future

They look for the packaging of the future

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Plastic is public enemy number one and some entities are investigating what the packaging of the future will be like, from how to reduce the volume that is manufactured or improve its recycling at home to how to give value to the waste so that it has a second life or becomes a prized raw material.

To that end, “TheCircularLab” was born, a pioneering innovation center in Europe promoted by the Ecoembes entity - a non-profit organization that promotes the recycling of packaging - with the support of theEuropean Commission, the Government of La Rioja and the City of Logroño.

The director of this innovation center, Zacarías Torbado, has stressed that innovating in the production and reuse of packaging and moving towards a true circular economy will have multiple environmental benefits, as it will reduce the consumption of raw materials from nature.

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