End of the oil age. Food or biofuels

End of the oil age. Food or biofuels

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Inevitably, in the coming years, humanity will leave a black era in its history, that of oil, coal and other hydrocarbons. New paradigms arise around the course that humanity will take with respect to issues such as power generation and food.

On the one hand we have the defenders of agrofuels, with the former vice president of the United States, Al Gore, as their most visible face and with the economic support of the power groups dedicated to agribusiness, such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Pioneer, DuPont and so many others.

The available amount of arable hectares is reaching its limit and to expand it the lungs of the planet are being condemned to death, destroying the last forests at incredible speeds.

World agriculture is at a crossroads. It must produce enough food for a growing population, which is already at the dawn of an unprecedented crisis in dozens of countries, a product of shortages and rising food prices.

But now it is also required to feed the machines of capitalism, to produce agrofuels and to take charge of the excessive demand for energy that hydrocarbons are no longer able to satisfy.

The industrial agriculture model that has taken over the countryside is significantly modifying the world social and environmental scenario. Millions of arable hectares no longer produce food, nor do they need farmers. Biodiverse crops of fruit trees, legumes, vegetables, forests and mountains, have become seas of different monocultures of plants and trees.

It has wreaked havoc on ecosystems, causing floods, droughts, desertification and contamination of water resources. And generated impoverishment and massive migrations of peasants to the belts of the big cities.

Humanity faces its greatest challenge, profound changes are needed in agricultural, environmental and social policies. And there is no time for half measures, because hunger cannot wait.

Eradicating poverty and world hunger is possible. La Via Campesina offers a viable alternative to the collapsing food system. Food sovereignty.

It proposes to deepen the local circuits of production-consumption. An agriculture based on the production of small and medium producers, consubstantial with the care of the land and with the care of the ecosystem in which they are settled, using agroecological methods.

We should all be part of that change, make an effort, because as consumers we will have to modify some of our behaviors, such as a gradual reduction in the consumption of animal proteins.

Life in big cities takes us away from environmental reality, puts a veil over our eyes that makes it difficult for us to understand the importance it has in our life, the way in which the food that comes to our table is produced every day. Also where they are produced and how they are transported to us.

By removing that veil, we will discover that our future depends in large part on what we consume today and that we can still decide the planet that we are going to leave to our children. And this is valid for everything we consume in our life, not just food.

Ricardo Natalichio

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